“Prince Hao, this servant already knows about your principles and personality. However, this servant isn’t able to keep up with how often you change your mind.” Su Xi-er’s voice was calm. 


Pei Qianhao looked at her carefully and suddenly stood up from the upper seat, slowly making his way towards Su Xi-er. Although he wasn’t walking very fast, each step was heavy. When he finally stopped in front of her, he tucked a hand under her chin to lift her head up. His handsome face suddenly filled Su Xi-er’s vision.


“How can you not guess what this Prince is thinking about when you are so clever?” He moved his hand back and forth on her chin as he spoke, his other hand around her waist. “As for my personality, how can this Prince allow you to do as you wish? If you make this Prince unhappy, I will simply…”


Su Xi-er interrupted him this time. “Simply order for me to be flogged. What else is there that you would do?”


The corner of Pei Qianhao’s mouth showed a trace of wickedness, and a subtle glint flickered across his eyes. “This Prince already knows that flogging you is useless. Even if you are beaten until you are disabled, you still won’t lower your head. This time, this Prince will let you know: I have already dissolved the Beauty Palace.”


His voice was low and soft, his eyes closely watching her face to observe her expression.


Su Xi-er’s heart sank, her eyes frozen into a stunned silence. It felt as if a weight had suddenly pressed down on her lungs. The Beauty Palace, which has existed for three years in order to gather women from different influential forces, has been dismissed!


“Why don’t you ask this Prince why I am dissolving it?” Pei Qianhao’s brows furrowed together slightly when she didn’t respond, a trace of annoyance flickering across his eyes.


Su Xi-er felt a sharp pain as his grip around her chin tightened. He really wants to give me an answer. “Prince Hao, sometimes you do things spontaneously.”


Just when the words had left her mouth, she felt a sharp pain at her waist as well. Pei Qianhao bent down and muttered near her ears, “You were always mentioning the Beauty Palace in front of this Prince, and your words showed that you weren’t happy about it. Now that this Prince has dissolved the Beauty Palace for you, you are calling me spontaneous?” He suddenly laughed and playfully licked her ear. “If this Prince is as spontaneous as you say, then I should transfer you to the Prince Hao Residence. What do I care even if you’re in the spotlight?”


Su Xi-er knew that if she entered the Prince Hao Residence she would have to report to Pei Qianhao whenever she wanted to leave. My movements will be restricted, and there will be many things that will become inconvenient for me to do.


Pei Qianhao’s voice interrupted her thoughts. “Right now, all the civilians of Beimin know that the Beauty Palace has been dissolved. They also know that there is a mysterious woman next to this Prince. It will be difficult even if you don’t want to be in the spotlight.”


Su Xi-er raised both hands to push him away, but then thought of a different idea. “Prince Hao, you can instruct this servant to enter Prince Hao’s Residence. However, I can’t enter as your maidservant or your room concubine servant; instead...”


At this moment, she paused and her eyes bent into the shape of a crescent moon. “Prince Hao, if you are daring enough to ignore the rules, then raise this servant to be your official wife and become Princess Consort Hao. If that happens, then this servant will enter Prince Hao’s Residence.” Although her voice was clear and soft, it was also firm. The determination flickering in her eyes made it clear that she wasn’t joking.


A cold glint emerged in Pei Qianhao’s eyes. She is ambitious enough to want to become Princess Consort Hao.


Su Xi-er had already guessed that he wouldn’t agree, so she started to provoke him. “This servant is just a maidservant from the Palace Side Quarters, and have swept the palace paths along with brushing the chamber pots. I don’t dare to think about being Princess Consort Hao, but nor will I agree to be your room concubine servant or concubine.”

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