As a subordinate, I have no choice but to follow the orders of my master. However, I at least hope that the orders I follow are morally correct, and are carried out for the good of the civilians.


He had only walked a few steps when he saw Imperial Physician Fang running over. It was already late at night, and the old man had chosen a less-used path in order to draw less attention.


When he saw Qin Ling, he immediately asked, “Commander Qin, how is Prince Yun?”


Qin Ling shook his head. “Not good at all. He fell into the lake in the back garden after getting drunk, and now he keeps blabbing about the previous Eldest Imperial Princess.”


Imperial Physician Fang’s expression changed when he heard this. He then sighed. “Ill-fated love.” After that, he walked towards the main courtyard.


The Prince Yun Residence had become a mess because of Yun Ruofeng.




The next day, in Nanzhao's posthouse.


Pei Qianhao was sitting in the main hall of the posthouse as he watched Su Xi-er, a cup of tea held in his hand. He blew at the surface of the tea and asked, “Compared to Fortune Apricot House, what has attracted you to Cyan Wind Pavilion?”


“Fortune Apricot House only had dishes from Nanzhao, but Cyan Wind Pavilion has dishes from all four of the great nations, and even has desserts from the smaller countries.” Su Xi-er replied slowly before purposely asking, “Prince Hao, you have been holding that teacup for an hour; the tea is probably cold. Why do you need to blow on it before drinking?”


Pei Qianhao didn’t say anything and showed a playful smile at the corner of his mouth. I didn’t really want to drink the tea, it was just my habit to do that.


“This Prince doesn’t like to drink tea; I like to drink wine.” He put down the teapot as he spoke.


“Su Xi-er, this Prince will ask you again: Where will you work after you return to Beimin?”


Su Xi-er knew what he was thinking, but she couldn’t go to the Prince Hao Residence. “This servant came from the Palace Side Quarters, so I will go back there. Besides, we can’t let anyone know that this servant went to Nanzhao with you, Prince Hao.”


“Give this Prince a reason.”


Su Xi-er slowly explained, “Prince Hao, please don’t blame this servant for what I am going to say. In the time that this servant has worked in the Palace Side Quarters, I have heard rumours about the relationship between you and the Empress Dowager. You treat her like a little sister, but the Empress Dowager definitely doesn’t treat you as just an elder brother. Prince Hao, this servant believes that you are well aware of this. If the Empress Dowager finds out that this servant accompanied you to Nanzhao...”


Pei Qianhao chuckled. His fingers tapped on the surface of the table lightly before he began to put a bit more force into it. She doesn’t know that I have already dissolved the Beauty Palace. The whole country knows that I have a peerless beauty next to me.


He laughed and replied, “Are you scared that the Empress Dowager will punish you?”


Su Xi-er nodded. “Not only that, but your every move is noticed by everyone. This servant doesn’t want to be in the spotlight, Prince Hao.” At least for now, I can’t be in the spotlight.


“If we follow what you have said, then you need to return to the Beauty Palace in secret and then wait for this Prince to instruct you to return to the Palace Side Quarters?” A playful look showed in Pei Qianhao’s eyes. Let’s see how you will do such a thing when the Beauty Palace has already been dissolved.


Su Xi-er hadn’t heard the news and replied, “That’s right. There were two maidservants from the Palace Side Quarters that accompanied this servant to the Beauty Palace. They are waiting for this servant to return. Prince Hao, please give a verbal edict to return this servant to the Palace Side Quarters once we return.”


“If you had told this Prince earlier, maybe I could have followed along with your request. It’s too late now.” Pei Qianhao purposely put on a pitying expression.


“What do you mean, Prince Hao? Isn’t it true that you haven’t made a decision yet?” Su Xi-er showed a serious expression. Did he act in secret?


“Does this Prince need to discuss with you before making a decision? You have spent so long with this Prince, don’t you know what my personality is like?” Pei Qianhao stopped tapping his finger on the table, and the look in his eyes became deeper.

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