Since she had already gotten the answers she wanted, there was no reason for her to stay in the Beauty Palace any longer.


When she walked out of the Beauty Palace, she could hear the commoners loudly discussing the news they had just heard. “Prince Hao and Prince Yun are fighting over the same woman in Nanzhao!” The people found it ridiculous at first, but now that the Beauty Palace had been dismissed, they could only assume that Prince Hao had done so in a valiant attempt to fight with Prince Yun for that woman!


Pei Yaran pursed her lips, the fists in her sleeves tightly clenching up. Su Xi-er followed Pei Qianhao to Nanzhao, then quickly hooked up with Prince Yun. The result is such a huge drama about the prince regents of two nations fighting over the same woman! It’s still quite a while until the new year, but we already have such a massive new year’s performance!


Suddenly, a spacious sandalwood horse carriage stopped at the corner of the street. There were cyan tassels hanging from its roof, and it was led by two burgundy red steeds. Just the appearance alone showed the wealth of its owner.


“Commandery Prince, the rumours are true. The Beauty Palace has indeed been dismissed. The Empress Dowager already left for the Beauty Palace, and had a foul expression as she made her way there.”


In response, a man’s clear voice would be heard. It didn’t carry any of the majesty of a Commandery Prince.


“Return to the Commandery Prince Residence.”


Heeding his orders, the imperial guard immediately got onto the horse carriage and cracked the horsewhip, turning the carriage back to the residence.


As the wind blew at the carriage curtains, a man with a gentle appearance could be seen through the gaps. His appearance was such that people would think that only an unparalleled beauty could match with such a peerless gentleman.


Pei Yaran climbed onto the horse carriage in front of the Beauty Palace and instructed the imperial guard outside the door curtains. “The streets around the Beauty Palace are usually empty, but now they are in such an uproar. This Empress Dowager is getting a headache listening to it; disperse them.”


The imperial guard replied with an affirmative before walking towards the crowd and ordering them to scatter.


The area around the Beauty Palace gradually became silent as the commoners filtered out. Only then did Pei Yaran’s carriage begin to move forward.


“Empress Dowager, do you want to make a trip to the Pei…”


Pei Yaran interrupted, “Not anymore. Wu Ling’s arrival at the Beauty Palace means that Pei Yong has already been arrested. It was his fault for committing a crime in the first place; now that things have come to this point, there’s nobody to blame but himself. Return to the palace.”


Obeying her orders, the imperial guard steered the carriage towards the imperial palace.


The look in Pei Yaran’s eyes was solemn, and her fists repeatedly clenched. That little mouth of Su Xi-er can really deceive people! She repeatedly declared that she didn’t have any intentions towards Prince Hao, but what about now? He dismissed the Beauty Palace for her, and even took her along to Nanzhao.


Has she already climbed into Prince Hao’s bed with her tricks?! She’s only a maidservant with no status, yet she openly climbed into the bed of a noble. That’s violating the palace rules! Once Su Xi-er gets back, I am going to instruct the old maidservants to examine her body!


It’s not considered violating the palace rules if a palace maid of Nanzhao climbs into the bed of a noble, but there’s a condition  The palace maid must be taken in before she can do so, regardless of whether she’s a room concubine servant or a concubine. Even if the deed is carried out before the woman is accepted, everyone can turn a blind eye as long as it’s not exposed. However, it’s simple for someone to make a big deal out of it if they just bring up the palace rules!


After coming to a decision, Pei Yaran finally unclenched her fists, leaning against the wall with her eyes closed.


A while later, the horse carriage slowed down and the imperial guard’s voice sounded. “Empress Dowager, Commandery Prince Xie’s horse carriage is up ahead.”


Pei Yaran lifted the carriage curtains and recognised that the horse carriage was indeed from the Commandery Prince Residence. Could Xie Yun also have checked on the Beauty Palace?


“Drive the carriage in front of Commandery Prince Xie’s horse carriage and block him,” Pei Yaran instructed.


The imperial guard nodded and quickly did as he was told.

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