When he didn’t receive her response, Situ Li chuckled, continuing in an even tone. “If you forge a connection with a powerful man, you will have a much easier time. At the very least, there will be no one in the Palace Side Quarters who dares to harm you.”


At this point, Situ Li changed the topic again. “Conversely, if you don’t forge connections, how would things turn out for you in the imperial palace when you have such an appearance?”


Su Xi-er stopped what she was doing. “This servant heard that the Third Imperial Prince is aloof and doesn’t like talking to people even if they are men, let alone women. Why are you telling this servant so much, Third Imperial Prince?”


Situ Li’s eyebrows were slightly creased. There was finally a change in his expression.


Why am I saying so much? Can I say that I don’t know either?


If I really have to give a reason, perhaps it’s because there were no old maidservants or palace maids to serve Mother Empress after she was deposed and moved to the desolate palace. There was also no one who came to collect the chamber pots. Thus, Mother Empress had no choice but to scrub them herself.


He had watched on helplessly as his Mother Empress scrubbed the chamber pots under the moonlight. Back then, there was no new empress in the palace.


There was also no new empress many years after his Mother Empress passed away.


This went on until that year when Pei Yaran entered the palace. Within merely a year, she had seized sole control over the imperial harem.


“Third Imperial Prince, it is already late at night. You should go back.” When Su Xi-er saw that he was lost in his thoughts, she called out to remind him.


She had just finished speaking when a woman’s shout could be heard from afar.


The voice was very loud and sounded very fearful. Even the sleeping Ruo Yuan was startled awake.


Her plump face trembled and her round eyes widened. “What happened?! Who yelled so miserably?”


Right after Ruo Yuan squeaked her question, she saw a handsome man clad in robes whiter than snow. His hair was put up and he appeared to float in the air like an immortal. 


Puzzlement was reflected in Ruo Yuan’s eyes. Although his imposing manner can’t be compared to Prince Hao, he is handsome in another way.


For a short while, Ruo Yuan forgot about that plaintive voice from just now and looked at Situ Li foolishly.


Only when the woman’s shrill voice sounded again did Ruo Yuan wake up with a start.


“I’ll go and take a look,” Situ Li told Su Xi-er before heading towards the source of the voice.


Su Xi-er only took a moment before recognising the voice, leaving her dumbstruck. It’s Liu Ye-er!


She immediately stood up and followed Situ Li.


Ruo Yuan was getting anxious. Don’t leave me all alone here! I’m scared! Hence, she immediately caught up with Su Xi-er.


No one spoke. Everyone walked towards the source of the woman’s voice.


When they arrived at a grove, the voice had stopped again and they could only hear the sound of the wind.


“Third Imperial Prince, the woman who shouted is Liu Ye-er,” Su Xi-er informed him slowly.


As soon as Ruo Yuan heard that, her mouth became agape as her face filled with terror.


Third Imperial Prince! The elegant gentleman standing in front of me is the Third Imperial Prince! Also, Liu Ye-er? Isn’t she dead? Why...


Situ Li nodded. “She escaped. Go back to the well and carry out your work. Don’t follow.” He then continued forward with even larger strides without another word. Su Xi-er didn’t follow him.


Ruo Yuan watched Situ Li as he gradually faded into the distance. Eventually, her quivering voice sounded out. “He is the Third Imperial Prince…”




“Su Xi-er, why did you suddenly get acquainted with so many personages? Prince Hao had just left, and it’s the Third Imperial Prince tonight.” Ruo Yuan’s eyes were wide open. There was no envy in them, only astonishment.


“These personages can go wherever they want to go. I am unable to interfere.” At this moment, she suddenly heard a movement and immediately became alert. 


Scratch, scratch, scratch. It sounds like iron chains being dragged against the floor.


She had been tethered by iron chains before, so she was especially familiar with this type of sound.

Ruo Yuan’s body trembled. This voice is so frightening. Is it really Liu Ye-er? She isn’t dead?

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