There was no change in Situ Li’s expression. His inner thoughts were indiscernible from his countenance, an indifferent tone hiding emotions as he spoke. “He is unexpectedly very concerned.”


He suddenly shifted his gaze and looked at Ruo Yuan who was leaning against the tree trunk and sleeping. He slowly posed a question, “If it were this palace maid, would Prince Hao be this concerned?”


He was using another method to remind her. “Prince Hao is treating you like that because you are beautiful.”


“This servant understands what you’re saying, Third Imperial Prince. Prince Hao is too eminent and beyond my reach. This servant’s close sister was taken into the Beauty Palace and has experienced ups and downs. I reckon that it isn’t too pleasant.” 


Many people’s impression towards Pei Qianhao is that he has a noble identity and likes beauties. But is he really like that? Perhaps his real nature is like that or perhaps he actually hides himself deeper than any other person.


Situ Li immediately chuckled instead. There was finally an almost undetectable fluctuation in his voice. “His noble identity is temporary. How many people have been noble for all their life? Even if it is Prince Hao, he also has ignominious moments.”


A handsome face emerged in Su Xi-er’s mind. Ignominious moments? Is he referring to Pei Qianhao’s past?


As the Pei Family’s foster son, the fact that the details about his biological parents aren’t clear is probably a blot on his life, right?


Right at this moment, Situ Li suddenly walked closer to her and swept his gaze lightly over the chamber pots. “Although you’re currently the palace maid scrubbing the chamber pots, no one can be sure about what would happen in the future.”


Su Xi-er felt that Situ Li was contradicting himself. He previously told me that beautiful women don’t live long. But now he’s saying that I may never know if I will be able to free myself and bring about a change in fortune.


From his words, she could deduce that he was aloof and antisocial, but was extremely bewildered in his heart. He probably only experiences that kind of pain profoundly at midnight. 


However, I won’t tell him this. I can’t say it and there’s no need for me to say it.


“Until when are you going to scrub these chamber pots?” Situ Li changed the topic and his gaze kept moving back and forth between the chamber pots and Su Xi-er. 


“If there are many, I won’t be able to finish scrubbing even after an entire night. If there are fewer like tonight, I’ll be able to finish in a little more than six hours.” Su Xi-er lowered her head and started scrubbing.


She had never done this kind of work in her previous lifetime. Now, she was getting more and more skilled in it.


Situ Li stood at the side and watched her silently scrub under the moonlight. Her face was completely serious with no sign of unwillingness.


Is there really this kind of person in this world? Willing to be in a low position with no complaints, only wishing to lead a smooth and steady life forever.


“Third Imperial Prince, you should go back early to rest,” Su Xi-er raised her head and respectfully said.


“You’re chasing me back?” Situ Li asked back. He slowly paced back and forth, clearly not intending to leave at all.


“This servant doesn’t have the right to chase you away. However, this is the Palace Side Quarters. It wouldn’t be good if someone gets the goods on you.”


“Becoming a subject for gossip? Do I have to be afraid of that? By giving you medicinal powder, Prince Hao is also leaving behind a pretext for gossip,” Situ Li replied softly. “However, someone will settle Prince Hao’s matters. Pei Yaran pays meticulous attention to every single matter of Prince Hao.”


Su Xi-er didn’t speak. The Third Imperial Prince always intentionally or unintentionally targets Prince Hao with his words. If there’s an entanglement between the two of them, they should just settle it on their own. Why do they have to drag me in?


They don’t care about becoming a subject for gossip, but for someone like me who has a low status, any random rumour can bring endless troubles.


“You’re afraid of becoming a subject for gossip? You feel that this is a scandal?” Situ Li continued asking her.

Su Xi-er didn’t answer. It’s not easy to answer this question. She pretended to be ignorant and didn’t utter a single word.

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'Many people’s impression towards Pei Qianhao is that he has a noble identity and likes beauties. But is he really like that? Perhaps his real nature is like that or perhaps he actually hides himself deeper than any other person.'