When she heard the words ‘Tan Residence’, Pei Yaran already knew that the owner of the courtyard was Tan Ge ー the eldest daughter of the once glorious Tan family. She was among the top three beauties in Beimin. Due to the Tan Family's decline, her ranking was usurped by others, and landing her in the predicament that she found herself in today.


A moment later, a clear and bright woman's voice sounded. "We are not going back to the Tan Residence. We will go out and find some work to do. It's better to live a peaceful life rather than to return to the Tan Residence and be ridiculed."


"How can we do that? Patriarch will surely have a way. All the hopes of the Tan Family are pinned on you!"


Hearing the maidservant's words, Pei Yaran snorted to herself and continued straight on.


After walking for a while, Pei Yaran saw two maidservants, one fat and one thin, standing in the courtyard in the corner. They were of course, Ruo Yuan and Hong Li. However, Pei Yaran didn’t even know who this courtyard belonged to, much less the identity of the servants.


"Empress Dowager, this is the last courtyard." The imperial eunuch at the side informed when he saw the perimeter wall in the distance.


Ruo Yuan and Hong Li heard his words. The person before us is actually the Empress Dowager! Is she here to look for Su Xi-er? But Su Xi-er isn't here, this… Hong Li was the first to react, pulling Ruo Yuan down with her as she bowed. "This servant pays her respects to the Empress Dowager."


Pei Yaran looked into the courtyard, "The Beauty Palace is about to be dissolved. Everyone is packing their belongings, but only the two of you are standing in the courtyard and not doing anything."


Hong Li was quick to react and answered promptly, "Empress Dowager, this maidservant was packing until just recently. We are almost done."


"Where's your young miss?" Pei Yaran asked all of a sudden. I didn't see Su Xi-er in any of the courtyards before. If Su Xi-er is in this room, it means that she is in the Beauty Palace. If she isn't, then it means that she is likely accompanying Pei Qianhao right now!


Hong Li didn't know how to answer. What to do? If I say Young Miss is in the room, the Empress Dowager may insist on entering. If I say that she isn’t around, she’ll obviously ask where Young Miss is. No matter what I answer, there is no way out!


The usually timid Ruo Yuan saw the Empress Dowager’s piercing gaze and began to tremble before a sudden thought came to her. "Eunuch Sun called for Young Miss early in the morning and she hasn't returned yet."


Hong Li heard Ruo Yuan's reply and turned to look at her. This is a pretty good answer! Eunuch Sun is the one in charge of the Beauty Palace, and also answers to Prince Hao! He can deal with this better than Ruo Yuan and me. Not to mention, we would likely be whipped for going against the Empress Dowager, but she wouldn’t dare to lay a finger on Eunuch Sun!


Pei Yaran narrowed her eyes. "The timing that Eunuch Sun decided to call upon your Young Miss is very convenient." She then promptly turned and ordered the imperial guard, "Wait outside the Beauty Palace. This Empress Dowager shall make a trip to see Eunuch Sun."


The guard bowed and acknowledged the order before leaving.


Pei Yaran didn't spare Ruo Yuan and Hong Li another glance before heading in another direction of the Beauty Palace.


In the courtyard, Ruo Yuan and Hong Li heaved a sigh of relief. Ruo Yuan was so terrified that she kept patting her chest to calm herself down before softly asking, "When is Su Xi-er coming back? Why did Prince Hao suddenly dismiss the Beauty Palace?"


Hong Li lifted a hand to pat Ruo Yuan on the shoulder. "You were clever enough to be able to answer the Empress Dowager's question, but why are you so stupid now? Only the two of us know that the woman accompanying Prince Hao  is Su Xi-er. For him to dissolve Beauty Palace all of a sudden must be because of her!"


"Really? Prince Hao doesn't want the other women anymore, and only wants Su Xi-er?" Ruo Yuan's eyes were shining bright with joy and excitement written all over her face. She was truly happy for Su Xi-er from the bottom of her heart.


Hong Li nodded her head. "Of course, Su Xi-er is entrancing! It may have looked like she was only pretty before, but she’s proven that she has the brains as well."


"Does Prince Hao plan to let Su Xi-er stay in the Beauty Palace alone? Or will he have her directly enter the Prince Hao Residence?" Ruo Yuan asked again.


Hong Li shook her head. "No idea, but no matter where she is, Su Xi-er is different from the other women. She is the only one at Prince Hao’s side!"


While the two of them were excitedly discussing Su Xi-er’s future, Pei Yaran was being stopped by Wu Ling. He had hurried over and prevented her from meeting with Eunuch Sun, only heightening her suspicions that Su Xi-er was not in the Beauty Palace!

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