The streets were already crowded with people, and with everyone gossiping about the dissolution of the Beauty Palace, it began to feel like every road had transformed into a teahouse or bathhouse - bustling with conversation.


"Why did Prince Hao suddenly pass down the order to dissolve the Beauty Palace? Could it be that he has met a woman that he wants to dedicate his life to?"


"Even if all the beauties are dismissed, he can’t possibly leave the large and small courtyards in the Beauty Palace to collect dust, right? I bet they would probably be converted to build a magnificent place for one beloved woman living."


"That’s a big deal! I really want to know who that woman is! What kind of captivating woman must she be for Prince Hao to abandon so many others just for her?!"


For a while, many women began to envy the mysterious lady at Prince Hao’s side. She must be very beautiful, even more so than the three top beauties of Beimin!


Just then, the commoners saw an imperial horse carriage stop before the Beauty Palace. They saw a young maiden alight, and realised upon seeing how the imperial guards greeted her that she was actually the Empress Dowager!


In Beimin, everyone knew that the present Empress Dowager was only 18 years old, became a widow at a young age, and was Prince Hao's sister in name! Why did the Empress Dowager suddenly come here right after the Beauty Palace was dissolved? 


Everyone held their breaths as they watched on in silence. The Empress Dowager walked towards the Beauty Palace, but was blocked by the imperial guards outside before she could even enter.


"Empress Dowager, you cannot enter."


Pei Yaran glowered at them, fury evident in her eyes, "The Beauty Palace is about to be dissolved, so why can't this Empress Dowager enter?"


"Prince Hao has ordered that Commander Wu take charge of this matter, and that nobody can intervene."


Pei Yaran stared at the guards, "Presumptuous! This Empress Dowager is entering today; get out of the way!"


The imperial guards stood rooted in their positions until eventually, Pei Yaran deliberately leaned herself against their held-up halberds. "This Empress Dowager shall see if you have the courage to do anything to me." She then moved forward, stepping around the halberd and trying to force her way in.


If the imperial guard wanted to stop her from going in, there was no other choice but to strike her. She is the current Empress Dowager after all, while I am just an ordinary guard. When it comes down to it, I can’t really strike her.


Hence, he could only turn and head towards Pei Yong’s residence to search for Wu Ling.


Pei Yaran entered the Beauty Palace and was welcomed with a wave of crying sobs. No matter which courtyard she looked in, she saw several maidservants packing up belongings while their prettily dolled-up ladies wiped away their tears.


They had entered the Beauty Palace, but in the three years that it had existed, Pei Qianhao had never once stepped into their rooms. Now that they were being chased out of the Beauty Palace, they would be a disgrace to their family when they returned home. Some had originally belonged to dance houses, and had no place to call home unless they returned to their old profession.


They had been the target of everyone’s envy when they left the dance houses. Now that they would be returning, those people would certainly humiliate them. Who would be able to bear such difference in treatment?


Pei Yaran watched on with an icy stare. However, she realised that from one particular courtyard, she could only hear a maidservant incessantly talking.


"Young Miss, what should we do? Should we return to the Tan Residence? Entering the Beauty Palace was the Tan Residence's sole hope, but it has now come to this! Young Miss, say something!"


The maidservant went on continuously, but her young miss remained silent.

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