Pei Yaran sensed the hatred from Lu Xiangning's eyes and consoled her, "We can't blame Prince Hao for this. A prince is equally guilty and bears the same punishment as a commoner when he commits a crime, not to mention, Pei Yong. His notoriety is widespread; it’s simply that nobody dares to talk about him in broad daylight due to his status as a relative of the Imperial Household. If he is pardoned, the commoners will undoubtedly become rowdy. When it comes down to it, what do you think is more important: the Pei Family’s reputation, or the commoners’ wellbeing?"


The hatred in Lu Xiangning's eyes dissipated upon hearing Pei Yaran's words. "The commoners are naturally more important, but will you head to the Pei Yong Residence?"


"Of course, I will. However, I will be dealing with this issue in a fair and just manner. If I do anything else, Prince Hao will just see me as an errant person, and he’ll grow to hate me more." Though Pei Yaran wore a smile on her face, her mind was filled with only Pei Qianhao.


But as soon as she thought of Pei Qianhao, she was reminded of the bitch who was by his side at this very moment! If she dares to follow him back to Beimin, I must find a way to kill her!


"Mother, wait here. I will change my clothes and leave the palace with you." Pei Yaran patted Lu Xiangning’s hand as she stood; as soon as she did so, however, a palace maid’s frantic voice sounded from outside the hall doors.


"Empress Dowager, Commander Wu's subordinates brought Prince Hao's orders with them, and they want to dismiss all 72 beauties in the Beauty Palace!"


Pei Yaran and Lu Xiangning froze, only reacting a moment later. Happiness was written across Lu Xiangning's face. "Daughter, it's a good thing that all the beauties are dismissed."


However, Pei Yaran didn't concur. Why did he suddenly dissolve the Beauty Palace when everything is perfectly fine. Who is he doing this for, the woman beside him now? Where will the 72 women go after they are dismissed?


"Mother, I must make a trip to the Beauty Palace." Pei Yaran swiftly changed her plans, exiting the hall instead of going to get a change of clothes.


Lu Xiangning instantly followed to stop her. "No. Dissolving the Beauty Palace is Prince Hao's personal affair, how can you go?'


"It's not a personal affair. Some women in the palace are the daughters of important court ministers. Wouldn’t such a large number of women being dismissed with nowhere to go cause a ruckus?" Pei Yaran had a plan in her mind; she wanted to use this opportunity to look for Su Xi-er.


Every single time I tried to bring Su Xi-er back to the imperial palace, Eunuch Sun would stop my people from entering with all kinds of excuses. Women who have entered the Beauty Palace belong to the Beauty Palace. They can enter the palace under my order, but leaving would be dependent on Prince Hao.


But now that the Beauty Palace has been dissolved, every woman within will be dismissed. Now I can see how Su Xi-er is doing inside. The order to dissolve the Beauty Palace had come very abruptly. Only a few days ago, Pei Yaran had been thinking about what the woman accompanying Prince Hao was like.


After much contemplation, she only thought of two possibilities. One, she had wronged Su Xi-er. Two, Su Xi-er was not in the Beauty Palace, and was actually accompanying Prince Hao at this very moment!


The latter daring hypothesis flashed across her mind. Although it was only for a split second, it still made Pei Yaran uneasy. If it is two different women, it would be easy to deal with. If they are the same person, then… things would be complicated!


It had never crossed Pei Yaran's mind that Pei Qianhao's interest in a woman could last this long!


That’s why I must make a trip to the Beauty Palace now!


"Daughter, it's best that you don't intervene in this matter." Lu Xiangning tried to stop Pei Yaran again as she watched the latter board the palanquin.


But it was too late, Pei Yaran had waved her hand to gesture to the imperial guards to head for the gates of the imperial palace.


Lu Xiangning could only watch as her daughter disappeared into the distance. She hastened her steps to follow, but when she reached the gates of the imperial palace, Pei Yaran had already transferred over to a horse carriage bound for the Beauty Palace.

The news of the Beauty Place being dissolved was like a clap of roaring thunder that shook the hearts of the citizens. At least three years have passed since the establishment of the Beauty Palace. Now that it's dissolved, what will happen to the numerous beauties within?

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"When it comes down to it, what do you think is more important: the Pei Family’s reputation, or the commoners’ wellbeing?

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