The guard bowed and replied deferentially, "This subordinate obeys the order."


Pei Zheng then continued on his way while the guard headed for Matriarch Pei's courtyard.


Bringing Pei Zheng's orders, the imperial guard found Lu Xiangning drinking a bowl of white fungus lotus seed soup when he arrived. Her brows knitted together when she heard about Pei Zheng’s request. Every time I enter the palace, it is to ask something of my daughter. A rift has formed between us because of this.


She’s already intervened previously. If she does so again, then... The furrow between Lu Xiangning’s brows only grew deeper.


"My Lady, the Patriarch has ordered for you to head to the Compassionate Peace Palace immediately. He is already on the way to Pei Yong Residence; it seems like Commander Wu is planning to arrest Pei Yong today." The guard’s tone was deferential, but he was incessantly urging Lu Xiangning to hurry up.


Lu Xiangning couldn't help but feel frustrated. Pei Yong has undoubtedly violated the law, but the Pei Family is doing everything to save him just to protect our reputation. After all, being Beimin's number one aristocratic family means that our reputation must be without a single stain. At this thought, Lu Xiangning immediately set the white ceramic bowl in her hands down and stood up. "Prepare the horse carriage. I will make a trip to Compassionate Peace Palace."


The guard acknowledged the order and swiftly readied the horse carriage. In less than fifteen minutes, Lu Xiangning was en route to the imperial palace.


Walking on the familiar yet foreign palace path, Lu Xiangning felt a burden on her shoulders. She was afraid that her daughter would give her the cold shoulder.


When Pei Yaran heard that Lu Xiangning had entered the palace, her face was void of expression, a stark contrast to her past fury. Pei Yaran had already gotten used to the fact that Pei Residence would only look for her when they needed something. Pei Yong’s matter is still going on, and Wu Ling is acting very decisively this time around. For him to do so must mean that Pei Qianhao has ordered it. Nobody can stop it once this has reached such a point, not even Father.


"Have Matriarch Pei wait in the main hall; this Empress Dowager will be there soon."


"This servant understands." The palace maid at the side acknowledged the order and headed towards the main hall. Pei Yaran fixed her robes before following behind.


In the main hall, Lu Xiangning immediately bowed upon seeing Pei Yaran. "This official's wife pays her respects to the Empress Dowager."


Pei Yaran shot a meaningful glance at the palace maids in the hall. A few seconds later, all the palace maids had withdrawn.


Pei Yaran reached out a hand to help Lu Xiangning up, "There's no need to keep up the formalities. I have already said that no matter what happens between the Pei Family and myself, it wouldn’t affect our relationship. You conceived me for 10 months and gave birth to me. Even if I am the Pei Family's sacrificial lamb, I still hold gratitude towards you."


Lu Xiangning felt bitterness and sorrow welling up in her heart, her tears pooling in her eyes. She grasped onto Pei Yaran's hands. "Mother can only apologise to you, but I can’t do anything about it."


"You are here again for Pei Yong, aren’t you? I already stopped Wu Ling once before; for him to try to arrest Pei Yong again, it must be under Prince Hao’s orders. It's in Prince Hao's temperament to stand by his words, and no one can change his mind. Even if Father were to intervene, it would make no difference."

Lu Xiangning also knew in her heart that there was probably no way to salvage this matter. However, Pei Zheng is an obstinate person. He was the one who brought Pei Qianhao to the Pei Residence; going to the effort of grooming and nurturing him. Now, he is openly going against the Pei Family. Putting it bluntly, he's like a tiger cub devouring its father - biting the hand that fed him!

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