Yun Ruofeng waved his hand for them to rise and gently asked about their situation. “How has your business been these few days?”


Met with the smile on his face, the commoners felt that Prince Yun was someone who truly related to them. They completely forgot about the allegations of him acting against Grand Tutor Liu. After all, nobody knew the truth, and people tended to believe what they could see with their own eyes. The current Prince Yun was just like a cordial friend, someone who didn’t put on the airs of the nobility.


“This peasant has earned many silvers during the state banquet. Now that the taxes have been reduced, the peasants are even more elated.” Immediately afterwards, someone pulled the hawker’s hand. 


The decree to reduce the taxes was issued by His Majesty, and has nothing to do with Prince Yun!


Prince Yun chuckled. “This Prince didn’t immediately pass the order to lower the taxes because I placed too much focus on our military strength. It was an oversight on this Prince’s part, and His Majesty has done well to correct it. The most important thing that is worth celebrating is that the civilians of Nanzhao are leading peaceful and happy lives.”


His voice was soft, and the smile on his face deepened, instilling a sense of warmth in the commoners’ hearts. We should believe Prince Yun. Only with Prince Yun supporting His Majesty will Nanzhao become better, and our days along with it.


“Continue with your work then.” Yun Ruofeng continued walking forward, looking like he was inspecting the conditions of the people. However, only he knew that his thoughts were occupied with how he should snatch Su Xi-er back. I have already lost her once. I can’t lose her again.


Perhaps power is abominable, but I would be nothing without it. That is why I cannot let go of it. This time around, I will have both my power and Su Xi-er; not one can be missing. Pei Qianhao’s character isn’t anything special anyways; making use of his influence to suppress others and get what he wants. As long as one has sufficient power, there is nothing that is out of their reach!


When the commoners saw Yun Ruofeng slowly walking past with a blissful expression, they felt that Yun Ruofeng had suffered much injustice.


“Grand Tutor’s Liu death is definitely not related to Prince Yun. Who knows if others are just making a big deal out of it. Prince Yun simply thought that Grand Tutor Liu had betrayed the country; we must believe in him.”


“That’s right, we have to trust Prince Yun. Even if Prince Yun really likes Prince Hao’s maidservant, snatching her away shouldn’t be such a big issue. After all, she’s just a maidservant, right?”


“Exactly, a maidservant is just a servant, but we don’t know if Prince Hao will allow it.”


The incessant chatter of the commoners spread far and wide, until finally, they reached the ears of an imperial guard from the Pei Residence. Said guard then immediately began to travel back to Beimin by horse, bringing the news to Pei Zheng, the current Lord Pei.




Pei Zheng happened to be in his backyard when he heard the report, his eyebrows furrowing in response. “Unacceptable.” He’s actually fighting over a woman with Prince Yun!


“Patriarch, Prince Hao’s subordinate passed on a message that anyone who has committed a crime must be dealt according to the law, regardless of their status. Prince Hao will definitely take this matter seriously.” The imperial guard quivered.


Pei Zhang flung his sleeves. “Preposterous! He’s falling out with us now that he’s solidified his influence! I don’t believe that we won’t be able to save Pei Yong. Our Pei Residence must all stay well!”


The imperial guard immediately replied, “Patriarch, an imperial guard from the Prince Hao Residence arrived in Beimin at the same time as me. He immediately went to report to Wu Ling.”


“Prepare a horse carriage. I’ll personally make a trip to Pei Yong’s residence. I don’t believe that Wu Ling has the guts to arrest him in front of me!” Pei Zheng hastily walked forward.


He took a few steps before instructing again, “Keep your lips sealed about the matter of Prince Hao and Prince Yun competing over one woman. We mustn’t let the Empress Dowager know about this for now. Additionally, ask the Lady to go to the Compassionate Peace Palace to call the Empress Dowager out to the Pei Yong Residence.”

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