At this point in time, Yun Ruofeng still didn’t understand the difference between ‘love’ and ‘once loved’. The woman who was once willing to massage his knees and smile sweetly at him had been killed with his own hands, all because of his pride blinding him to his own mistakes. All of this has forced me to where I am today.  


Yun Ruofeng sat in a daze until Feng Changqing entered the private room.


“Prince Yun, your former fiancée has already left. You are still here?” Feng Changqing pretended to be respectful for the sake of the Cyan Wind Pavilion’s business, but he was inwardly full of disdain.


Yun Ruofeng glanced at Feng Changqing and walked out of the private room without a single response. When he reached the first floor, he realised that the imperial guards from the Prince Hao Residence had already departed. It looks like Su Xi-er has returned to the posthouse- back to Pei Qianhao’s side. 


Yun Ruofeng’s hands involuntarily clenched into fists at the thought, feeling as if a stone was weighing upon his heart. His lonely figure cut a path through the crowd as he left the Cyan Wind Pavilion. 


Noticing Yun Ruofeng, the surrounding commoners couldn’t help but wonder why Prince Yun was in a bad mood. Everyone was curious, but none of them dared to start discussing it in his presence.


Waiting outside of the Cyan Wind Pavilion, the imperial guards from the Prince Yun Residence were even more prudent with their formalities when they saw his expression. “Prince Yun, are we returning to the residence now?”


Yun Ruofeng looked into the distance before waving his hand. “This Prince shall walk back and check on the living conditions of the commoners. You should head back to the residence first.”


The imperial guard accepted the order and prepared to climb onto the horse carriage. Seeing Prince Yun’s solemn countenance, he guessed that his master might have really taken a liking to Prince Hao’s maidservant. Thinking that he would be helpful, he pointed towards the front. “Prince Yun, Miss Su Xi-er went in that direction.”


Yun Ruofeng’s eyes followed the guard’s finger. The posthouse Pei Qianhao is staying at is precisely in this direction. The expression in his eyes darkened before he proceeded in the opposite direction.


The imperial guard was perplexed by his actions. Could I have guessed wrongly? Maybe Prince Yun actually doesn’t like Miss Xi-er, and just bumped into her by accident. No matter what it is, Prince Yun’s thoughts are getting harder and harder to understand. It’s been this way ever since Prince Hao came to Nanzhao, and has only gotten worse. What exactly is the matter with him? Us subordinates can’t even share his worries.


Yun Ruofeng watched the sides of the street where some hawkers were busy setting up their stalls, while others sat together in a circle when taking a break from their work.


“Does Prince Yun really like Prince Hao’s maidservant?”


“That is possible. Regardless of how capable Prince Hao’s maidservant is, she can’t possibly disregard her reputation and be the one spreading rumours of her seducing others right? If her master didn’t agree, how could she have disseminated the news?”


Another woman repeatedly nodded. “That makes sense. The two rumours were definitely released by Prince Yun or Prince Hao. Sigh, two big figures are competing for the same woman. I wonder who will successfully bring the beauty home?”


Another slightly younger woman had a face full of envy. “If only I could be that woman. She is so lucky to be liked by Prince Yun and Prince Hao at the same time!”


“You can keep dreaming when you’re as beautiful as that woman; after all, she’s rumoured to be akin to a fairy that has descended upon the mortal realm. Right now, I’m more interested in who’s going to win. Prince Yun is so gentle that no woman can resist him!”


No woman can resist my gentleness, but Su Xi-er is different. I have already irreparably harmed our relationship. By the time I realised that I loved her, it was already too late.


At this moment, a few hawkers recognised Yun Ruofeng, and immediately cast a meaningful look to the others before bowing in respect. “This peasant pays his respects to Prince Yun.”

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No woman can resist my gentleness, but Su Xi-er is different.

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