Hearing the endearment ‘Lan-er’ escape from Yun Ruofeng’s lips, Su Xi-er felt disgust well up in her. In the past, she liked it when he would address her with such affection… but such a time was already long gone. It’s impossible to return to the past.


Right now, she only wanted to strip him of everything he had. Bit by bit, I will let you experience the pain and suffering that I went through; the feeling of falling off from the top, the feeling of being deceived and humiliated by others… Yun Ruofeng, for someone who is obsessed with power like yourself, I really have to wonder how much it hurts for your influence to be scraped away from you bit by bit. I won’t kill you now because you are not even fit to die. Endless suffering should be your final destination.


Yun Ruofeng watched as Su Xi-er silently stared back at him before trying to convince her again. “Lan-er, Pei Qianhao is cruel and heartless. He acts coldly towards everyone, hiding his thoughts deep in his heart. He may look like an open book, but nothing could be further than the truth. Lan-er, you can’t leave with Pei Qianhao. This Prince will get you back...”


Yun Ruofeng was interrupted by a pointed glare before he could complete his sentence. Does he have no shame? To call Pei Qianhao cruel and heartless… to think that he is able to say such words! Su Xi-er’s eyes were filled with disdain and contempt. Yun Ruofeng saw her face, and immediately understood. The look on his face darkened, but was quickly replaced by a gentle mask.


“Lan-er, your appearance has changed, and you continue to live on; this is a chance Heavens gave to you and me. If you really hate me to the core, you wouldn’t be talking to me so calmly now. Isn’t the reason you had Pei Qianhao stay at the posthouse because you were waiting for me?” Yun Ruofeng spoke slowly, his hand stretching out and wanting to hug Su Xi-er.


Su Xi-er stepped to the side and avoided Yun Ruofeng’s outstretched hand once again. She had only left the posthouse to retrieve the dangling hair ornament and visit the Cyan Wind Pavilion, but Yun Ruofeng thought that she was here for him.


“Weren’t you waiting for this Prince?” Yun Ruofeng suddenly turned solemn and watched Su Xi-er. Perhaps I was wrong. With how prideful she is, how would she be willing to lay down her pride and wait for me? Why did I have such ridiculous thoughts? I even went to the trouble of avoiding the Prince Hao Residence’s imperial guards so that I could come.


Su Xi-er scoffed and looked at Yun Ruofeng. “With which eye did you see that I was waiting for you?”


Yun Ruofeng frowned. No matter how angry she was in her previous life, she would never speak to me in such a tart and disinterested manner. Love breeds hatred, and the reason why she is displaying such hatred towards me now is because of how much she loved me before.


“Ning Rulan, you still love this Prince,” Yun Ruofeng spoke assuredly with an affirmative look. If she doesn’t love me, why has she been targeting me ever since she reached Nanzhao? Without love, there won’t be hatred.


“Yun Ruofeng, are you regretful now? You should know better than anyone that just as there is no turning back on a battlefield, there is no medicine for regret in this world. Do you still need me to teach you this?” Su Xi-er tone was indifferent as her gaze scanned the room and fell on a sewing needle that had been left on top of a short cabinet.


The needle was laying next to a patch of printed cloth on the cabinet. It was probably left behind by a seamstress who had come to mend the cloth. But now it will come in handy.


Su Xi-er slightly shifted and silently hid the sewing needle in her hand.

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