However, even if Yun Ruofeng wants to try something funny, this is my territory. Nothing too serious would happen, no matter how hard he tries to stir up something.


Hence, Feng Changqing retreated to the side and stretched a hand out. “This peasant shall accompany you up for a few drinks, Prince Yun.”


Yun Ruofeng nodded and headed towards the second floor. The two imperial guards from the Prince Hao Residence immediately felt relieved. Prince Yun is going up to drink with the owner of Cyan Wind Pavilion and won’t go looking for Su Xi-er.


On the second floor, the moment Yun Ruofeng turned the corner, he bluntly questioned Feng Changqing, “A young lady wearing a jade green dangling ornament entered the restaurant just now. Which private room is she in?”


Feng Changqing smiled, “That young lady is indeed here; do you know her? If not, this peasant can’t take you over, Prince Yun.”


“Since this Prince wants to see her, this Prince obviously knows her. Which private room is she in?”


Feng Changqing wouldn't let Yun Ruofeng enter the room easily even if he knew that Su Xi-er had already made the necessary preparations. “What is your relationship with that young lady? If both of you are strangers, this peasant really cannot bring you over. If you break the rules of our Cyan Wind Pavilion, we won’t be able to continue doing business.”


Yun Ruofeng knew that Feng Changqing made logical sense, but he also didn’t have the luxury of time to deal with the latter. The imperial guards from the Prince Hao Residence are on the first floor. They will become suspicious if I stay here for too long.


And what he wanted to tell Su Xi-er next was what the younger him, the young man from before the war, had wanted to say to Ning Rulan.


Hence, Yun Ruofeng simply answered, “She was once this Prince’s fiancée. Can this Prince see her?”


An icy feeling rose from within Feng Changqing. How dare Prince Yun say that Su Xi-er was his fiancée! His former fiancée has already been shot dead by his Heart-Penetrating Arrow! If he truly treasured the Eldest Imperial Princess, he wouldn’t have killed her. Furthermore, he would never have been as ruthless as to kill her old subordinates; only a mere 400 of them managed to survive the massacre!


Feng Changqing dismissed the icy feeling in him and put on a respectful face. His hand stretched out a little. “Prince Yun, since she is your fiancée, there is naturally no problem. She is in the corner room; I will be waiting here.”


Yun Ruofeng nodded and headed towards the room. In Feng Changqing’s eyes, the current Yun Ruofeng was just a despicable and lowly existence! Yun Ruofeng, are you regretting that you killed the Eldest Imperial Princess? There is no medicine for regret in this world. You shall pay for your monstrous crimes!


Creak. The room door was slowly opened; just as Yun Ruofeng turned around, a white teapot lid came flying at him. He narrowed his eyes before firmly catching it in his hand.


“Prince Yun, yourt skills are still as good as ever.” Su Xi-er wore a faint smile as she looked at Yun Ruofeng with a calm expression.


“You knew this Prince would come?” Yun Ruofeng placed the teapot lid down on the table and walked towards Su Xi-er.


“I didn’t know before, but now I do.”


Su Xi-er’s calm disposition made Yun Ruofeng feel uncomfortable; his dark eyes were fixated on her. “Ning Rulan, are you really going to return to Beimin with Pei Qianhao?”


Su Xi-er laughed and retorted, “I am Su Xi-er now, Pei Qianhao’s personal maidservant. If I don’t go back, do you expect me to stay in Nanzhao?”


“Ning Rulan, this Prince killed you because I had no choice. During the time you were together with this Prince, you refuted every war stratagem I proposed. Although this Prince had control over half the military, the one who truly held power was you. You had no respect for this Prince and there was no pride I could speak of; moreover, the court officials collectively submitted a petition. There was simply nothing I could do.” Yun Ruofeng watched Su Xi-er intensely. It felt as if he had suddenly become a different person.


“Simply nothing you could do? These are the most ridiculous words I have ever heard. How many people were killed by using these words? Me, Lü Liu and how many more soldiers?” Su Xi-er’s expression suddenly turned aggressive. “Once you move forward, there’s no turning back. Yun Ruofeng, don’t tell me that you have regrets now.”


Yun Ruofeng took another step forward and bent down, wanting to embrace Su Xi-er. The latter quickly stood up and dodged to the side.


“Lan-er, this Prince won’t allow you to be Pei Qianhao’s woman.”

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