Feng Changqing immediately turned to Su Xi-er with a burning question in his eyes. “Yun Ruofeng came to Cyan Wind Pavilion. What should we do?” He must have tailed her here with Su Xi-er as his target. He is surely up to no good.


Su Xi-er sneered to herself. How out of the norm. What does he want to gain from seeing me so many times in one day? She looked at Feng Changqing. “Cyan Wind Pavilion is open for business, correct? If that’s the case, a customer must be correctly served, no matter who they are. Besides, with Prince Yun as our walking advertisement, there’s no need to fear that Cyan Wind House will be unknown.”


Feng Changqing immediately understood what Su Xi-er meant. The commoners have no idea about Yun Ruofeng’s true character. Just seeing him entering Cyan Wind Pavilion would be enough to have everyone rushing to have a meal here. Cyan Wind Pavilion’s business would then reach a new peak.


Thinking of the potential benefits, Feng Changqing immediately left the room, closing the door behind him as he followed the manager downstairs.


The Prince Hao Residence’s guards placed their chopsticks and bowls down upon seeing Yun Ruofeng, watching him with hawk-like eyes. We definitely cannot allow Yun Ruofeng to get close to Su Xi-er!


At the same time, the commoners on the first floor stared without blinking when they saw Yun Ruofeng. Some even set their chopsticks down and stopped eating completely.


The manager immediately approached Yun Ruofeng with a smile. “Prince Yun, Cyan Wind Pavilion has just opened for business. What does Your Highness want to eat?”


Yun Ruofeng shot a nonchalant glance at him and asked, “Where’s your master?”


The manager was stunned momentarily. To immediately ask for my master, it can’t be that Prince Yun is here to stir up trouble, can it? Hence, the manager took a step to the side and answered, “This man beside me is my master.”


Yun Ruofeng studied Feng Changqing. The latter was dressed in blue robes and wore a blue veil over his face, appearing extremely mysterious. However, the latter gave him a sense of familiarity, as if they had met not so long ago. The problem was that Yun Ruofeng couldn’t quite figure out where they had met before.


Feng Changqing bowed deferentially. “Prince Yun, Cyan Wind Pavilion is very honoured to have you grace us with your presence. We hope that you can watch out for our restaurant; of course, all expenses will be on us today.”


“It’s alright, this Prince will naturally pay for whatever I eat. It isn’t easy for all of you running a business. This Prince simply wants to speak to you alone, the person who bought Fortune Apricot House during its gradual decline after an unfortunate incident.” Yun Ruofeng scrutinised Feng Changqing. If he takes off his veil, I might be able to recognise him.


“Prince Yun, you have always served by His Majesty’s side, and are extremely busy with court affairs, yet you are now dabbling in business and trade. Could it be that you suddenly have a lot of free time, or is it…?” Feng Changqing’s brows curved into crescent moons, his eyes full of smiles.


What sounded like a casual remark spurred another thought in those who heard it. Prince Yun should be very busy, shouldn’t he? Why is he so free to meddle with the restaurant’s matters? Although the commercial market is under the imperial courts' control, as long as the merchants aren’t violating the law, free trade is a given. As such, Prince Yun’s intervention is either an imperial court’s decision, or him stepping out of line.


Yun Rofeng’s face was calm as he took a few steps forward, stopping in front of Feng Changqing. Lowering his voice, he remarked, “You don’t seem like a citizen of Nanzhao. This Prince will thoroughly investigate Cyan Wind Pavilion later, but for now, I won’t do anything to you.”


Having said that, Yun Ruofeng paused before shifting his gaze to the second floor. “Bring this Prince up to the private room on the second floor.”

Feng Changqing clearly understood what Yun Ruofeng meant. It’s obvious that he just wants to go to the second floor to see Su Xi-er. However, what are his intentions after his failed attempt at sending Wei Mohai to kill her last time?

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