Su Xi-er first made her way to the pawnshop, where the owner cracked a smile upon recognising her. “Miss, I haven’t been able to get a good night’s sleep ever since you left your jewellery here with me. Others may think that this is simply an old object, but my many years of experience in running a pawnshop have let me discern that this piece of jewellery is something of great value. It clearly isn’t something to be pawned off. Having it in my possession has only made me anxious.” He bent down and took out a small box.


“I used the best lock to secure it. Here you go.” He took out a key to open the small box, gingerly passing the dangling hair ornament to Su Xi-er.


Su Xi-er took it and expressed her gratitude. “It has been kept well. Many thanks.”


“I accepted your silvers, so there’s no need to thank me. Come again if you’re free, and have a safe journey,” the shop owner replied in a polite tone before glancing towards the guards standing at the side. This young lady is probably the daughter of an eminent family.


The shop owner was experienced enough to tell that the dangling hair ornament was expensive, but what he didn’t know was that the ornament was the late Empress and the previous Eldest Imperial Princess’ favourite jewellery.


Su Xi-er thanked the shop owner again and cautiously put on the dangling ornament. It was small with a slightly dull colour, and would only look like a cheap adornment to those who were ignorant. As such, nobody paid her any mind as she walked down the streets of Nanzhao.


With the pawnshop being a short distance away from the Cyan Wind Pavilion, Su Xi-er was able to make her way to the restaurant within 15 minutes. Recognising Su Xi-er and noticing the two burly guards behind her, the manager didn’t dare to be careless. “Miss, our shop just opened yesterday. What would you like to eat?”


Compared to Fortune Apricot House in the past, the current Cyan Wind Pavilion was faring slightly worse with their business. There were still many people, but it was not as bustling as it once was.


Su Xi-er replied courteously, “Just bring some snacks for the two guards behind me. I’ll go sit in the private room on the second floor and view the scenery of the streets.”


The manager was taken aback. She didn’t order for herself, but for her subordinates instead… Could it be that Master is going to meet with her today? Upon this thought, the manager was even more prudent in his actions as he hastily responded, “Miss, I will go and arrange a few top-quality Nanzhao’s snacks. I guarantee that they will be tasty!”


The two imperial guards were about to follow Su Xi-er up to the second floor, but were stopped by her. “I’ll just be sitting on the second floor, and will be down in just a bit. You two should just stay here and eat; I’ll shout if anything happens anyways.”


“This… Su Xi-er, please don’t make things difficult for us; Prince- Master instructed us not to leave your side.” One of the imperial guards almost uttered ‘Prince Hao’, but considering how many people were around, he decided that it would be better to conceal their identities.


Su Xi-er laughed crisply. “Don’t worry, nothing will happen to me. I’ll be right on the second floor. Besides it wouldn’t do to have a woman accompanying two big men eating downstairs, right?”

The imperial guards felt what she was saying made some sense. If Prince Hao finds out that Su Xi-er accompanied us in a meal, even sitting at the same table, he would definitely be dissatisfied. Hence, they glanced at Su Xi-er and relented. “We will wait for you downstairs. Please shout loudly if anything happens. We’ll be there right away!”

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