“Prince Hao, you shouldn’t interfere with Nanzhao’s state affairs. On the same note, Ning Rulan was someone from Nanzhao, and our relationship has nothing to do with you.” Yun Ruofeng stowed away his stern expression, leaving only a trace of gentleness in his eyes. 


Pei Qianhao coldly declared, “This Prince doesn’t stick my nose into others’ business. Since Ning Rulan is dead, then we won’t talk about her anymore. However, this Prince’s maidservant is alive and well; provoking her is tantamount to provoking this Prince.”


Yun Ruofeng took a moment to scan his surroundings, finding that Su Xi-er was currently walking by. Thus, he deliberately made his voice more audible as he asked, “Prince Hao, are you telling this Prince that before I beat a dog, I have to check who its owner is?”


Upon hearing these words, Su Xi-er couldn’t help but stop in her tracks and look towards Pei Qianhao. How will he reply?


Looking in her direction, Pei Qianhao beckoned her over. “Su Xi-er, come to this Prince’s side.” It was a simple sentence, but it was gentle and lacking the usual sternness; a side of Prince Hao that no one had ever witnessed was making itself known.


Everyone said that the ruthless and callous Prince Hao was equally cold to anyone. If they saw him gently smile one day, it could only mean that the sun had risen from the west!


Yun Ruofeng’s heart jolted for a moment. His body leaned forward ever so slightly as he watched Su Xi-er, no longer able to keep the gentle look on his face. His entire body was engulfed by a heavy feeling, as if each of her actions was taking up his every thought. Lan-er, don’t walk towards Pei Qianhao right in front of this Prince. Although you are now Su Xi-er, your soul is still that of Ning Rulan. You have promised the whole of Ning Rulan’s life to this Prince, so you definitely mustn’t walk to Prince Hao!


Yun Ruofeng’s breathing became shallow, unable to believe that he would feel such anxiety when thinking that Su Xi-er would walk towards Pei Qianhao without hesitation.


“Su Xi-er, come to this Prince’s side.” Unsatisfied with Su Xi-er’s slow movement, Pei Qianhao couldn’t help but repeat himself in a colder tone.


Su Xi-er slowly walked over, glancing at Yun Ruofeng as she passed by. The latter felt his heart skip a beat, and nearly reached out a hand to grab her. However, she was already out of his reach before he could act.


Yun Ruofeng felt that something was missing from the empty spot in front of him. He could only watch helplessly as Su Xi-er stopped in front of Pei Qianhao and was taken into his arms.


At this moment, Pei Qianhao’s deep voice rang. “Prince Yun, do you think this Prince would treat a dog so well? Regardless of their background, this Prince won’t view any of my subordinates as dogs, so don’t try to push your own ideologies onto me.”


The sight of Su Xi-er in another man’s embrace greatly stung Yun Ruofeng’s eyes. She belongs to me. Even if I don’t want her, she can’t follow any other man!


Powerful people, especially men, were very particular about their rights and belongings. No matter if it was an object or a person, as long as they like them, they would treat them with care. The moment they fell out of favour, they could be carelessly abandoned. However, no matter what the case, they could not be snatched away. Allowing that to happen would feel like someone had infringed upon their territory.


Yun Ruofeng glanced at Su Xi-er with a meaningful look. “Prince Hao, this maidservant of yours isn’t simple. It’s still too early to conclude who she will belong to in the future. That is all this Prince has to say. I will take my leave now.” He gave Su Xi-er another profound glance before turning to the entrance of the posthouse.


In the main hall, Pei Qianhao raised Su Xi-er’s chin. “You are indeed not simple. Yun Ruofeng has only met you a few times, but he already wants to snatch you away.”

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