Many major officials in the Imperial Study were currently kneeling on the ground, asking Prince Yun to give up his military power as he stared at them expressionlessly. Very well, it looks like more than half of these officials have made up their minds. Their minds are weak with no clear allegiance, easily switching sides. There’s no reason to keep them alive.


Ning Lianchen took two steps forward and stretched out his hand. “Prince Yun, this Emperor has given you enough respect to not take all of your military power away. Hand over half the military power; with how much you value it, this Emperor knows that you must keep the military tally with you at all times.”


What he meant was obvious. You must hand over the military power today.


Yun Ruofeng was forced to think about his decision. If the trading relations between Nanzhao and Beimin are severed, it would be too costly for us right now. I should just hand over half of the military tally and think of a way to take it back in the future.


After coming to this conclusion, he took out the military tally from his sleeve; it was composed of four pieces, and he passed two to Ning Lianchen. “This military tally is equivalent to the lives of the soldiers. Your Majesty, you are holding a few hundred thousand soldiers in your hand. The responsibility that comes with this military tally is as heavy as a mountain, so please don’t disappoint this Prince.”


Ning Lianchen put the military tally away in his sleeve. “Prince Yun, don’t worry, this Emperor will take your reminder to heart. Not minding anything else, this Emperor will learn from your skilful leading of the army, Prince Yun.”


“That’s good then.” Yun Ruofeng replied indifferently as he glanced at the officials kneeling on the ground. His voice contained an extra bit of coldness as he started again. “This Prince has passed half of the military power to His Majesty. You can all get up now. We are all officials of the court, and we are all here for the greater good of Nanzhao.”


The Minister of War was the first to get up, with the other officials following soon after. Yun Ruofeng didn’t stay in the Imperial Study for long. I have remembered every court official who was kneeling in the Imperial Study. In the future, I’ll make them all suffer.


At last, Yun Ruofeng left the Imperial Study and walked towards the entrance of the imperial palace while grasping half of his military tally tightly with his right hand.


When he passed by the Imperial Garden, Yun Ruofeng heard the pleasant laughter of a woman.


“Eldest Imperial Princess, run slower. Don’t fall.”


“You only think that I’m fast because you are running too slowly!” The woman giggled and ran even faster, going straight through a flower bush and towards the direction of Yun Ruofeng.


The woman was Ning Anlian, who had already become insane. By the time that she saw Yun Ruofeng, it was already too late for her to stop, leading to her running straight into his chest.


Yun Ruofeng stretched out his hands and held her waist to support her. However, before he said anything, Ning Anlian stepped away from his chest with a terrified expression.


The palace maid ran up and bowed immediately. “This servant pays her respects to Prince Yun.”


Yun Ruofeng waved his hand with a serious expression. “It’s already late fall; although it isn’t very windy today, it’s still quite cold. Take the Eldest Imperial Princess back to her repose palace; she can’t be randomly running around outside.”


The palace maid hastily nodded. “This servant understands.” Then, she held Ning Anlian’s arm and softly encouraged her, “Eldest Imperial Princess, let’s go back to the repose palace with this servant.”


Despite having lost her memories, Ning Anlian was still afraid of Yun Ruofeng. If anything, her amnesia seemed to have made her a better judge of character. “Let’s go back quickly. There’s a bad person here.” Ning Anlian couldn’t help but tremble when she said the words ‘bad person’.

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