In the Imperial Study, many court officials stood on both sides with solemn expressions, while Ning Lianchen sat on the upper seat. They were all waiting for Yun Ruofeng.


After waiting for a long while, a court official couldn’t help but break the silence. “Is Prince Yun feeling unwell? Eunuch Fu left a while ago, but Prince Yun still isn’t here.”


Right after he finished his sentence, the doors to the Imperial Study were pushed open, and the voice of a man could be heard. “This Prince is already better. Many thanks to the Minister of Rites for worrying about me.” His tone had a trace of authority, and his eyes were cold as he glanced at the Minister of Rites.


Ning Lianchen has played some really great tricks. I just gave the three Ministries to him not long ago, but he has already drawn the three Chief Ministers to his side. Is it because they trust him too much, or because they don’t trust this Prince?!


Feeling anxious, the Minister of Rites and hastily replied, “Prince Yun, you have been striving for Nanzhao to the best of your ability. It’s only natural that this subordinate was concerned about your health.”


“Minister of Rites, this Prince has heard that your son had lost a lot of money at the casino a few days ago. He was beaten up after being hung upside-down. Instead of worrying about this Prince, you should worry about your son instead.”


The Minister of Rites was shocked. Prince Yun even found out about that. He knelt down immediately. “This subordinate knows my crime. I didn’t teach my stupid son properly.”


Ning Lianchen voiced out, “Prince Yun, no matter what meritorious war achievements you have, you still cannot hold all the military power. There are many court officials who have submitted a petition asking for this Emperor to take back all of your military power. However, due to your contributions, this Emperor has decided to only take away half of it.”


Yun Ruofeng looked at Ning Lianchen, his words slow and firm. “Don’t tell this Prince to give up half the military seal, because I won’t do it. Not even a single part of it. Even after Your Majesty becomes an adult, this Prince still won’t hand the military over. I have led the army for many years, and Your Majesty cannot understand the pain of a commander. Even after the late Emperor passed away, your deceased imperial elder sister, Ning Rulan, held control over half the military. She trained tens of thousands of elite soldiers to increase her own influence, but because of her arbitrary decisions, many of them were lost. Because of that precedence, this Prince will not be handing over any military power to your Majesty.”


At this moment, Yun Ruofeng’s eyes passed over the court officials one by one. “This Prince doesn’t know who instigated you all, but this is Nanzhao; don’t shoulder the crime of treason!”


These people have changed sides, deciding to side with Ning Lianchen. They must have been bewitched by Pei Qianhao.


Ning Lianchen knew that Yun Ruofeng was threatening the court officials, so he slowly refuted, “Imperial Elder Sister was not at all worse than you when she led the army, and you should know full well exactly how her elite soldiers died. Prince Yun, this Emperor is already being magnanimous by not investigating the past issues, so hand over half of the military seal!” 


The current me is no longer the same as before. I already have my own wings, as well as the forces that I am secretly building up. Imperial Elder Sister assisted me by handing the three Ministries to me, as well as setting up the deal with Pei Qianhao.


“Your Majesty, you have never been in a battle before, and have not studied military books. This Prince will worry if I give authority over the military to you. Military power is not something small, and the soldiers’ lives are not a joke.”


At this moment, the Minister of War suddenly knelt down and told the truth. “Prince Yun, you have inadvertently offended Prince Hao by killing his imperial guard. Prince Hao will not let this go. If the military continues to stay in your hands, Beimin will close the merchant road to Nanzhao. Please, think about your decision carefully!”


Beimin’s military power and wealth are both much greater than Nanzhao. If the trading relations are severed, it will be a deadly blow to Nanzhao.


Yun Ruofeng’s eyes suddenly became dark. Pei Qianhao has stretched his hands too far! Was it Su Xi-er who incited him to poke his nose into Nanzhao’s business?


Ning Rulan, you wouldn’t return to this Prince because you hate me, and have instead attached yourself to Pei Qianhao.


All of the court officials in the Imperial Study suddenly knelt down. “Prince Yun, you have always looked at the bigger picture. Please reconsider this. At least give up half of your military power to His Majesty.” We originally wanted Prince Yun to give up all his military power, but with how firm his attitude is, half is the best we can hope for.


As for why the court officials had suddenly changed their tune, it was of course because Pei Qianhao had done something in secret.

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As for why the court officials had suddenly changed their tune, it was of course because Pei Qianhao had done something in secret.

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