Qin Ling understood and instantly took a step back. “Eunuch Fu, please come in quickly.” What happened in the imperial palace must be something major. As for Su Xi-er, I will wait until Prince Yun returns from the imperial palace to report it.


Eunuch Fu nodded and entered the Prince Yun Residence. Upon entering, however, they couldn’t find Prince Yun no matter where they looked or who they asked.


Eunuch Fu became anxious. “What should we do? If Prince Yun doesn’t go to the imperial palace soon, all of his military power will be taken away by His Majesty! His Majesty is only sixteen years old, how would he know how to lead an army?”


“Don’t worry, the military tally[1] is with Prince Yun. Even if His Majesty wants to take control of the military, he must wait until Prince Yun appears.” Suddenly, Qin Ling came to a realisation. “Perhaps Prince Yun is there… follow me.” he gestured towards Eunuch Fu before heading towards the back garden.


Eunuch Fu was even more confused. Why would Qin Ling think that Prince Yun is in the back garden? Prince Yun never liked to look at plants and flowers. Even if there was a beautiful scenery available, he would always leave after a quick glance.


However, Yun Ruofeng was really in the back garden. He was standing in front of the lake quietly, as if he was enjoying the view.


Qin Ling stopped Eunuch Fu. “We will wait for Prince Yun here; it’s inconvenient to go up.”


“Why does Prince Yun look so absentminded? Even if he’s taken a huge blow from continuously losing his power, he shouldn’t be like this.” Eunuch Fu sighed. Yun Ruofeng has a lot of subordinates that will end up with the same fate as him if he goes down, me being one of them. I had served the late Emperor, only turning to Prince Yun after the former’s death, having been able to tell that the Ning Imperial Household was losing power. I was simply doing all that I could to survive.


After a while, Yun Ruofeng turned around without any expression on his face, lacking his usual gentle countenance. It was to this neutral look that Qin Ling and Eunuch Fu walked up to before bowing respectfully.


“Prince Yun, this old servant has brought His Majesty’s edict to ask you to enter the imperial palace. Many officials had originally requested you to give half of the military power to His Majesty. Now, they are saying the situation has changed, and are asking for you to hand over the full military tally.”


The military tally symbolised all of nation’s military authority; in other words, the officials were trying to force Yun Ruofeng to give up all of his control over the military power. Yun Ruofeng didn’t say anything, but a glint of irony flickered across his eyes. They shouldn’t dream about robbing me of my military power.


These soldiers have followed me to the battlefield for many years and we have suffered through many trials and tribulations together; it’s not something that Ning Lianchen can take away just because he wants to!


“This Prince will enter the palace right away,” Yun Ruofeng replied and looked at Qin Ling. “Have you completed what I asked you to do?”


Qin Ling replied deferentially. “Yes, but the civilians are currently on Miss Xi-er’s side. They say that Prince Hao and Prince Yun are fighting over the same woman, and that Prince Yun was the one who intentionally put out the rumour.”


Qin Ling was planning to tell Prince Yun after he returned from the imperial palace, but the latter had been the one to inquire.


Eunuch Fu had also heard about this on his way to the Prince Yun Residence. It’s just a rumour that can’t be trusted.


Yun Ruofeng gave a cold snort. “Pei Qianhao sure is fast. Since this rumour has already spread, let this message pass through to the merchants of Beimin.”


“This subordinate obeys the order.”


Yun Ruofeng glanced at Qin Ling before walking away, getting on a horse carriage, and heading to the imperial palace.

1. It usually looks like this and it’s often referred to as the ‘Tiger Tally’.

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