“Su Xi-er, I am strong. I’ll help you.” The fat palace maid immediately ran over. She had a round body, plump bottom, and round face. 


However, Su Xi-er did not regard her with contempt at all. On the contrary, she felt that the latter was a little different in the sense that she was sincere in helping. 


The fat palace maid snatched the rope from Su X-er’s hand in a flash. “There are so many chamber pots. When are you going to finish moving them with that small body frame of yours? I’m fat so I’m strong.”


Su Xi-er smiled at her. “What’s your name?”


The fat palace maid was obviously taken aback, pausing for a moment before she softly answered, “I’m Ruo Yuan. Yuan from round and fat[1].”


“‘Yuan’ from ‘circumference’ and ‘yuan’ from ‘reunion’[2],” Su Xi-er elucidated again.


Sometimes, we can tell how people view themselves from how they explain their names. 


Ruo Yuan was dumbstruck again. She mumbled falteringly, “I...have never heard anyone interpret my name in such a way.” 


”It’s you who are unable to let it go. In the Palace Side Quarters, no one will care about whether a palace maid is fat or thin, only if they can finish their work on time, done their work well, listened to the old maidservant’s instructions, and if they have broken the rules.”


Su Xi-er’s words enlightened Ruo Yuan. What she said is correct.  


When I just entered the palace, there were indeed many people who derided me. After a few  years however, the number of people who mocked me for being fat has definitely decreased.


It’s me who hasn’t let it go. It’s me who finds myself repugnant.


Su Xi-er had hinted to me and shown me the light.


“Su Xi-er, you have become different.” Ruo Yuan looked at her, her round face full of bewilderment.


“I’ll move the chamber pots with you. If we continue talking, I won’t be to finish scrubbing the chamber pots in time.” Su Xi-er smiled.


“Yes, let’s move them over first!” Ruo Yuan exerted her strength in dragging them.


Not long after, all the chamber pots had reached the side of the well, and Ruo Yuan began to collect the water from the well.


There were only fifteen chamber pots tonight, fewer than before.


Halfway through scrubbing the chamber pots, Ruo Yuan’s sleepiness struck her. She walked to a nearby tree trunk, leaned against it, and fell asleep. 


As Su Xi-er looked at her sleeping face, she was suddenly reminded of Lü Liu.


Back when I was Ning Rulan and stuck in the army camp, Lü Liu walked several miles to obtain some fresh vegetables for me. Not only that, after preparing them into a meal for me, she didn’t take a single bite; only falling asleep on the dining table as I ate.


Such a wonderful Lü Liu. Yet, she had died a tragic death for me.


Sorrow engulfed her like an eternally flowing river, causing her tears to involuntarily trickle down.


“It’s not your first day scrubbing the chamber pots. You’re only shedding tears now?” A clear and rich man’s voice suddenly sounded. Immediately after that, a white handkerchief appeared before her eyes.


Only then did Su Xi-er realised that her tears were already falling. She immediately raised her head and forced her tears back.


Then, she bowed and paid her greetings. “This servant pays her respects to the Third Imperial Prince.”


She had recognised his voice when he had spoken.


Although it is clear and rich, it is ice-cold like frost.


Speaking from a certain perspective, his voice is very much like his complexion, terribly ashen pale with no fluctuations of emotions.


Situ Li stuffed the handkerchief into her hand and his gaze landed on her left wrist. “Is it better?”


Su Xi-er nodded. “Many thanks for bestowing the medicine, Third Imperial Prince. This servant is much better.”


“This medicinal powder has been newly applied, but I didn’t give you medicinal powder. Where did you get it from?”


Su Xi-er pursed her lips. Can I say that it’s Prince Hao who gave it to me?


“This is a medicinal powder that originates from Xiliu Nation, and is exclusive to Beimin’s imperial household. Apart from the people in the imperial household, there are two other people who have it. One of them is Prince Hao while the other is Commandery Prince Xie. Su Xi-er, who gave it to you?” Situ Li analysed it slowly. His voice wasn’t imposing but when she heard it...there was an indescribable feeling.


Since she was unable to escape from Situ Li’s eyes, she could only speak the truth. “Replying to the Third Imperial Prince, it was Prince Hao who gave it to this servant.”

1. ‘Yuan’ is ‘round’.

2. These two words contain ‘yuan’ in them.

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Sometimes, we can tell how people view themselves from how they explain their names.