“Su Xi-er, I’m going out to work. You should rest properly. Only then will you have the strength to properly perform your role. Maybe in the future, once you have been here for a long time,  you won’t need to scrub the chamber pots anymore,” Hong Li told her with a face wreathed in smiles. She then turned around and headed outside of the room.


The door was opened and closed once again. Hong Li’s arrival this time has inadvertently provided me with a piece of information.


Is it really just a coincidence that Liu Ye-er and the Pure Consort have the same surname?


Now that Liu Ye-er is already deranged and Old Maidservant Zhao is already beaten to death by the planks, I must go and search for Liu Ye-er’s hiding place. It’s just that there isn’t a suitable time now.


Su Xi-er laid on her bed again as she thought, her gaze once again landing on her left wrist. The effectiveness of the green medicinal powder is pretty good. The bruise has become much fainter.


She reached out her right hand to touch her left wrist. It doesn’t hurt anymore. I will be able to fully recover in two days at most. 


A certain man’s appearance kept emerging in her mind involuntarily. He was obstinate and unruly, lounging in his casual arrogance.


Su Xi-er shut her eyes but it was of no use. It was still impossible to get rid of the image of Prince Hao’s face.


She clenched her fists tight. This man is too dangerous. He has already left an impression in my mind just by interacting with him once, not to even mention that I have encountered him quite a few times.


There is a type of person in the world who can imprint an indelible impression in people’s mind with just a glance.


Pei Qianhao is like that, and the same goes for Yun Ruofeng...


When she thought of Yun Ruofeng again, her expression changed. She immediately raised her right hand and slammed the bed board ferociously.


All who are full of infatuated love are let down! He disrupted the Ning Imperial Household, caused Lianchen to become a little puppet emperor, and had an affair with Ning Anlian. I will definitely make him pay the price!


Su Xi-er didn’t leave the room for the whole day. Hong Li brought both her lunch and dinner in for her to eat.


Hong Li was rather clever. She told the others that Su Xi-er wasn’t feeling well; thus, she would be eating in her room and convalescing in the day so that she could scrub the chamber pots at night.


Initially, after the other palace maids found that out, they had been extremely displeased in their hearts. However, when they heard the latter part, they were finally able to vent the anger they had been holding in.


What is she putting on airs for? Isn’t she still just someone who scrubs the chamber pots? The palace maid with the lowest position in the Palace Side Quarters. 




Night descended soon after Su Xi-er had finished her dinner.


She left the room and walked towards the southwest. On the way, there were a few sparsely scattered palace maids who were still sweeping the palace paths. When they caught Su Xi-er passing by, each of them would freeze in place without exception, simply watching her as she faded into the distance. 


The bright moonlight sprinkled on Su Xi-er and was like an aureole plating her with a layer of silver light.


Coupled with her small face, fine features, bright eyes, and white teeth, she was extremely beautiful! 


That kind of beauty was not glamorous. It was as if it had been born from heaven and earth, and the sun and the moon, gifted by nature itself. No matter where she was, she would always be emanating a unique and unrivalled dynamic beauty.


A palace maid couldn’t help but gasp in admiration, “In the past, I felt that she was like a vixen. Now that I look at her, I feel that...she is so beautiful from the bottom of my heart.”


There was another palace maid who had stayed in the same room as Su Xi-er in the past. She immediately interrupted, “She will be out of luck sooner or later. She wasn’t born into an influential and noble family, but possesses an appearance that induces jealousy in others. She will suffer hardships in the future!”


“What you said is right too.”


In the end, all the palace maids put away their brooms and prepared to return to their rooms to rest.




Su Xi-er arrived at the wooden cabin at the southwest side and placed all the chamber pots on the pallet weaved from bamboo strips. Then, she pulled the rope and dragged the pallet towards the side of the well.


Su Xi-er had only taken a few steps when she saw the fat palace maid previously jeered at by everyone in the afternoon standing a bit further down the path, almost as if she had been waiting for her.

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