Qin Ling quickly had the rumour of Prince Hao’s maidservant stripping to seduce Prince Yun spread throughout the city. The news caused a commotion, with some shocked that Prince Hao’s maidservant would be so daring. Still, others were doubtful of the rumour’s authenticity.


“She already serves Prince Hao, the Prince Regent of the strongest nation. She must already receive numerous benefits each day; I can’t understand why she would try to seduce Prince Yun,” a young woman murmured in a small voice. She shook her head and sighed with a baffled expression.


An older woman beside her replied, “We are not that maidservant, so how would we know what she was thinking? Maybe she fancies herself charming, and wanted to seduce Prince Yun after already seducing Prince Hao. She must’ve been overjoyed that the two most handsome men in the world both like her!”


The young woman nodded after thinking for a while. “I guess you’re right; it’s hard to know someone’s heart. Prince Hao’s maidservant is so ambitious though, wanting to climb into the beds of both men.


Another young lady who had just reached adulthood shook her head and disagreed. “Prince Hao is ruthless and cold, and I heard that he’s like that all the time. Who would like someone like that? All women prefer a man who always smiles, just like our Prince Yun. Just look at how popular he is with women. Maybe Prince Hao’s maidservant compared them and decided that she wants to lean on the better man!”


The old woman spat. “Comparing when she’s just a servant? She’ll receive countless benefits no matter who she is with, so how would she dare to compare them?”


After hearing what the old woman said, everyone was stunned. Everyone originally had a great impression of Prince Hao’s maidservant, but after hearing the rumour about seducing Prince Yun, they couldn’t help but feel that she was calculating and greedy, finding the grass to always be greener on the other side. She already has a man, but she’s also thinking about the other one too!


When Qin Ling heard the people gossiping on the streets, he couldn’t help but feel guilty. Sorry, Miss Xi-er, this was Prince Yun’s order. I am just a servant who can’t disobey my master.


While the rumour was making its way across the capital, Pei Qianhao was returning from the Hall of Supreme Harmony[1] in the imperial palace. A cold glint flickered across his eyes. Soon, half of Yun Ruofeng’s military power will be taken from him. Military power is very important to him, and he must have heard of it by now. Despite that, he still hasn’t shown himself. Could it be...?


Suddenly, a trace of worry appeared in Pei Qianhao’s heart.


It was precisely at this moment that an imperial guard hastily walked up to him. “Prince Hao, there is bad news. An assassin infiltrated the posthouse, and Su Xi-er seems to be injured again.”


Pei Qianhao’s brows furrowed together. “What do you mean she seems to be injured? This Prince instructed all of you to watch her properly before leaving. Now, you don’t even know if she was injured or not ー just how were you guarding her?!”


The subordinate lowered his head after being lambasted by Prince Hao. “This subordinate has failed. I am willing to be punished.”


Pei Qianhao walked forward without saying anything, leaving the imperial guard’s heart to skip a beat. My punishment this time around will be much greater than just a few lashes.


Pei Qianhao quickly walked out of the imperial palace and boarded the horse carriage before spitting out an order. “Take the fastest route back to the posthouse.” 


“This subordinate obeys the order.” After that, the imperial guard raised the horsewhip and drove the horse carriage as quickly as he could.


The posthouse was on the other side of the city, so it was inevitable that Prince Hao would hear the civilians gossiping about the rumour that Qin Ling had spread.

1. A Wikipedia page for your reference.

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