Su Xi-er nodded. “ Return to your side and give you another chance to kill me? Do you take me for a fool?”


“Ning Rulan, could it be that someone as proud as you has fallen in love with Pei Qinahao?” A trace of dreariness flashed across the recesses of Yun Ruofeng’s eyes before his face was distorted with malevolence. “If that’s the case, then you must die. No one is allowed to defile this Prince’s woman.”


How ridiculous that he actually used the word ‘defile’!


Yun Ruofeng acted swiftly, but Su Xi-er was already prepared to take him on and easily dodged his every move. The problem was that she didn’t have any real weapons, and could only use teacups as projectiles to throw at him.


Bang! Bang! The sound of shattering porcelain constantly rang. Using them as a diversion, Su Xi-er quickly made her way towards the room door before pulling the bolt out of position.


Just as she was about to push the door open, she felt a sharp pain on her arm ー Yun Ruofeng had taken the opportunity to target her wound.


Su Xi-er swivelled her body, using the rotation to land a heavy blow to the injury on Yun Ruofeng’s forehead. Suddenly overwhelmed by a sense of dizziness, the latter could only stand rooted to the ground. By the time that he had come around, Su Xi-er was already gone.


Yun Ruofeng stood in the room and sneered, his desolate laughter echoing back from the hollow walls. Su Xi-er, do you think you can escape? As long as you are Ning Rulan, you belong to this Prince.


The rest of the Prince Hao Residence’s guards heard the commotion and hurried over to see Su Xi-er with a bleeding arm, as well as several guards knocked out on the ground.


Oh no, we let our guard down without Prince Hao around! We’ve allowed an assassin to enter the posthouse without detection.


“Seal off all escape routes of the posthouse immediately; arrest the assassin!”


Su Xi-er shook her head. “No need. You guys won’t be able to catch him. Instead, bring some hot water, a white cloth, and some herbs over to the main hall. I will be waiting there.” Su Xi-er then headed towards the main hall.


Several of the imperial guards felt their eyes twitch. We will accept punishment voluntarily once Prince Hao returns.


Yun Ruofeng swiftly left the posthouse without leaving any evidence behind before returning to the Prince Yun Residence. When the guards saw his foul expression and injured forehead, they were too terrified to even ask what had happened.


Just then, Qin Ling hurried into Yun Ruofeng’s study, and was shocked to see the bleeding wound on the latter’s forehead.


“What happened during the court assembly?” Yun Ruofeng asked as he grabbed a handkerchief off the shelf to wipe away the bloodstains.


This wound will be fine after it stops bleeding. It won’t cause any problems.


Qin Ling promptly answered, “During the morning court assembly, several court ministers collectively submitted their request for Prince Yun to split the military power in half, and give that half to His Majesty. This subordinate looked into the matter, and found out that Prince Hao was behind it.”


Yun Ruofeng’s expression cracked as he flung the handkerchief in his hand onto the ground. Though he had already expected that his authority would take a blow, he never expected that they would try to seize the military.


Military power is what I care about most. To try to seize this… how daring, Pei Qianhao! A sudden thought came to Yun Ruofeng. Isn’t Su Xi-er whom Pei Qianhao cares about the most?


“Qin Ling, spread this rumour in secret. Prince Hao’s maidservant stripped herself and tried to seduce this Prince,” Yun Ruofeng gave the order nonchalantly. 


Qin Ling was stunned. “This… But it was clearly Your Highness who went to the posthouse, why would you say that Miss Xi-er seduced you?”


An icy glint flickered across Yun Ruofeng’s eyes. “This Prince didn’t know that Prince Hao went to Nanzhao’s morning court assembly. It turns out that this Prince had wanted to pay Prince Hao a visit, but who knew that his maidservant would dismiss the guards and strip in front of me. All you need to do is spread this rumour; don’t concern yourself with anything else.”


Qin Ling was startled. This...doesn’t seem very honourable. He felt that Prince Yun was lying. Su Xi-er’s character definitely doesn’t seem like someone who would try to seduce Prince Yun.


Moreover, Prince Hao is much more powerful than Prince Yun. If she was tactful, she would be seducing Prince Hao. Prince Yun’s story doesn’t add up. I don’t find this order of his to be appropriate.


“Hurry up, why are you here in a daze?!” Yun Ruofeng lambasted icily. Wei Mohai is dead; there’s not even one person around me who can execute my orders properly.


“Yes, this subordinate obeys the order.” Even though Qin Ling had his doubts, he didn’t dare to revolt against Yun Ruofeng, and could only turn on his heel to carry out the order.

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