Su Xi-er’s expression relaxed. His emotions are already unstable, leaving him open to an attack on his psyche. “Yun Ruofeng, I think you’re the one who has been dealt a huge blow. You like comparing yourselves to others and can’t bear to lose. I overshadowed you, causing you to kill me. Now that you can’t compare to Pei Qianhao, are you planning to kill him as well?”


A sharp glint flashed across Yun Ruofeng’s eyes. “There’s no need to kill him; I only have to make you my woman. You originally belonged to this Prince anyways!” Yun Ruofeng then used one of his hands to seize both of Su Xi-er’s, lifting them above her head.


He pressed down on her with his body, a smile forming on his lips as he slowly lowered his head in an attempt to catch her lips.


However, just as their lips were about to meet, Su Xi-er turned her head to one side. At the same time, she raised her knee and twisted her entire body, slamming into Yun Ruofeng’s chest with a considerable amount of force.


Yun Ruofeng let out a grunt, his hold on her hands weakening. Su Xi-er took this opportunity to jump off the bed, swiping a teacup off the table and promptly whipping it at his forehead without hesitation.


Bang! The shattered pieces of the teacup fell to the ground; Blood oozed out of Yun Ruofeng’s forehead. He lifted his hand to wipe off the blood and let out a chuckle. “Even in a different body, you are the same: swift and decisive. Ning Rulan, what should this Prince do with you?”


“The Prince Hao Residence’s guards are not easy to deal with. I advise you to leave while you can,” Su Xi-er warned as she stood at one side.


Yun Ruofeng was irked by her indifferent expression, but could do nothing despite his irritation. He had failed in killing her before, and there was no way that he could be able to kill her now that she had become even more prudent. After being betrayed once, her trust in others had already completely shattered.


Yun Ruofeng ignored the bleeding wound on his head and walked towards her. “Lan-er, perhaps the heavens have given you a chance to live again to give a chance to both of us. This time, I won’t let you down; come back to me.” He held out his hands towards her, hope flashing across his eyes.


“Return the imperial authority to Lianchen, resign from your position of Prince Regent, and tell me where my original body is. Was it buried, or cremated?” Su Xi-er said nonchalantly as she carefully studied his expression. I now know him well enough to know what to expect.


Yun Ruofeng was stunned for a split second. “This Prince has cremated your body and scattered your ashes in the lake in the Prince Yun Residence. That way, you’ll never be able to leave this Prince.”


He didn’t answer my first two questions. In other words, he won’t let go of his control of the imperial power.


Su Xi-er sneered. “Scattering someone’s ashes in a lake and letting them sink to the bottom to be suppressed by the icy lake water, that’s a method used to suppress evil spirits in the occult. Other than reading military books, you even delved into the occult.”


“Ning Rulan, as a citizen of Nanzhao, you shouldn’t be in Beimin. Come back to this Prince, and you can see Lianchen every day. Don’t you miss him? Don’t you know how much he misses you?” Yun Ruofeng slowly closed the distance between them as he spoke, nearly snaking his hand around Su Xi-er’s waist.


However, she easily saw through him and dodged to the side. “Yun Ruofeng, do you think I haven’t learned anything? Are you treating me as the same fool I was in the past? Lianchen has his own life, and nothing you say will make me lower my guard.”


“You will never return to this Prince, will you?” Yun Ruofeng asked gently, the blood from his forehead trickling down the side of his cheeks.

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