“You caused Lü Liu to suffer a horrible death, my body is nowhere to be found, and you betrayed my love to seize the power of the Ning Imperial Household. How would I not harbour deep hatred towards you? The heavens' eyes are wide open, or perhaps you have sinned too much, allowing me to gain a new life.” Su Xi-er enunciated her words clearly, throwing all the crimes Yun Ruofeng had committed in his face. 


“Sinned too much?” Yun Ruofeng let out a chuckle as he nimbly stepped forward, reaching out a hand in an attempt to hold Su Xi-er down, but she deftly dodged his hand.


“Ning Rulan, if you hadn’t been so strong-willed and just acknowledged this Prince slightly, even just a little, perhaps this Prince wouldn’t have killed you.” Yun Ruofeng halted his steps, his gaze fixed on Su Xi-er.


“This Prince never thought that a dead person could be resurrected by using such extreme methods.  Don’t you know that only evil spirits seize others' bodies? Aren’t you afraid that someday, your soul will be forced out of your host body and disintegrate into ashes and smoke?” Yun Ruofeng fixed his gaze on her intently, his gentle aura having long since disappeared. 


“Since the heavens have allowed me to reincarnate through this body, there is no reason for me to disintegrate into ashes and smoke. Yun Ruofeng, Pei Qianhao has already gone to the imperial palace. Aren’t you afraid that something unexpected may happen if you don’t head over now?” Su Xi-er retorted. I can’t fight him head-on; I can only crush him from the inside out.


“So what if something does happen? At most, only half my power will be seized. However, you are the most unexpected factor in this. Ning Rulan, you were overbearing towards me, yet pretend to be shy and coquettish in front of Pei Qianhao.” There was a trace of another nuance apart from mockery in his tone.


Su Xi-er replied icily, “I am shy and coquettish in front of him because he is more powerful than me. You are not as promising as he is; you rely on others to seize power. Wei Mohai’s death was an extremely heavy blow to you. There are many things you can’t do without him, or at the very least, you can’t do them as quickly.”


Yun Ruofeng looked at Su Xi-er, the latter calm and collected. She is completely calm when standing before me, showing no signs of a woman’s weakness. Whether she is Ning Rulan or Su Xi-er, nothing has changed! 


She is currently a lowly maidservant, and I am the Prince Regent of Nanzhao. There is a huge hierarchical gap between us, but she still insists on putting on airs in front of me!


A wave of deep unwillingness rose from the bottom of Yun Ruofeng’s heart. He didn’t speak a word, and instead closed in on Su Xi-er. Using his advantage of being a male with a stronger body, he caught Su Xi-er and flung her onto the bed before pressing down on top of her.


Yun Ruofeng leaned in and studied her carefully. Her appearance had changed, but he could see a clear shadow of Ning Rulan in her eyes.


He suddenly smiled gently. “Do you like how this Prince is treating you now?”


Su Xi-er narrowed her eyes. “No.” She immediately lifted her leg and kicked him.


“Ning Rulan, you liked this Prince very much in the past. Every time this Prince smiled like this, you would be in a very good mood.” Yun Ruofeng then held her shoulders down. “I killed you, yet you’ve reappeared and made this Prince uneasy, messing up all of my plans. But I have failed in killing you this time. Why don’t I make you mine instead? Without your chastity, would Prince Hao still want you?”


Su Xi-er laughed sarcastically. “You didn’t manage to kill me because you are incapable. Yun Ruofeng, I didn’t think that even you would stoop so low as to threaten someone with their chastity. As for Pei Qianhao, there’s no way that you can be sure.”


A malicious glint flashed across Yun Ruofeng’s eyes as he looked to her and declared firmly, “This Prince doesn’t care whose body you are in now. As long as your soul is Ning Rulan’s, then you will forever belong to this Prince. You have lived as this Prince’s woman, and even in death, you will die as this Prince’s ghost!”


“Ridiculous! Yun Ruofeng, you are shameless!”


Yun Ruofeng sneered. “Shameless? Didn’t you like it when this Prince kissed you last time? You put on a struggle, but actually enjoyed it in your heart. Did you think that this Prince didn’t know? However, you continued to put everyone beneath your gaze and refused to give yourself to this Prince for so long.”


Su Xi-er immediately caught the key point in his statement. “So you couldn’t suppress your lust and looked for Ning Anlian?”


“Indeed, but the reason this Prince went to Ning Anlian was not only because of this. She is your younger sister, and can crush your aloofness and conceitedness! Ning Rulan, you are the reason that this Prince killed you; you can’t fault this Prince for that.” Yun Ruofeng enunciated his words clearly, like a man who felt that he was faultless.

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