Su Xi-er exited the kitchen and walked back to her room. She sat on a chair facing the dressing table instead of lying down on the bed. Watching her reflection in the mirror, she was reminded of the dangling hair ornament that she had left at the pawnshop for safekeeping. I can finally go and retrieve it today.


She stood up and walked towards the room door. Just as she attempted to exit, the door was pushed in by someone on the outside.


Su Xi-er heard the door creak as a figure of white entered her eyes. She hadn’t expected that he would appear here. Donned in white robes, the person was surrounded by an air of gentleness, his clear and bright eyes accompanied by a faint smile.


“What? Do you not welcome this Prince, Miss Xi-er?” Yun Ruofeng enunciated his words as he entered, closing the door and fastening the bolt behind him.


“Prince Yun, how is it possible for me to welcome you when you suddenly appear in my room? Don’t you think you are lacking propriety?” Su Xi-er’s voice was solemn as she stared at him.


Yun Ruofeng smiled and walked towards her. “Do you really not welcome me? Miss Xi-er, you are skilful at saying words that are against your wishes.” He disregarded her hostility and made his way towards her step by step.


Su Xi-er dodged to the other side of the room. She could clearly feel the aggressive aura flowing out from Yun Ruofeng’s footsteps.


Yun Ruofeng halted his steps when he was a metre away from Su Xi-er and looked at her gently with a smile. “Su Xi-er, it’s sure tough for this Prince to see you. This Prince has to pick a time that Prince Hao is not in. Why don’t you understand the troubles that this Prince has gone through for you?”


“I don’t have to understand anything besides the fact that you have come all this way to see me. Prince Yun, if you have something to say, then you should just say it.” Su Xi-er no longer maintained the superficial formalities and went straight to the point, a sharp glint flashing across her eyes.


“Su Xi-er, you are just a mere maidservant, but you are so fierce. It’s unimaginably strange that Prince Hao has kept you by his side till now. This Prince came to see you today to settle some long-standing debts.” Yun Ruofeng narrowed his eyes and started to walk towards Su Xi-er again.


Just as Su Xi-er wanted to dodge to the side again, Yun Ruofeng swiftly stretched out a hand and grabbed hold of her. “Although you are doing fine now, your body is still weak. Someone as smart as you shouldn’t be fighting head-on with this Prince.”


Yun Ruofeng then tightened his grip on her wrist; he only needed to apply a little more pressure to break it.


Su Xi-er kept silent as she met his gaze. When she saw the glimmer in his eyes, she snorted. “Yun Ruofeng.”


Su Xi-er didn’t call him Prince Yun, but used his full name. Not only that, her voice was full of a cold and mighty demeanour that was completely out of place for a maidservant. Considering how he came here today and said some strange things, it seems like he already knows who I am.


True, some things should be settled. I shall no longer talk with him in riddles.


“Su Xi-er…" Yun Ruofeng paused before he spoke again. “Ning Rulan, this Prince doesn’t believe in revival after death. Even now, this Prince can hardly believe it. Reincarnating and walking amongst the living once again; how unimaginably strange.”


Su Xi-er found the best timing and brought her knee up, smashing it against his abdomen before watching him recoil back.


“Not only did you demonstrate the Jinghong Dance and Bending Branch Dance, you even displayed the same method of killing when you killed Wei Mohai. Ning Rulan, you have stirred up things and made Nanzhao’s state banquet extremely lively this year. Not resting in peace after your death, but possessing someone else’s body, you sure harbour a deep resentment towards this Prince.”

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