Yu Xiao entered the room that Su Xi-er was staying in, feeling the warmth of the heated air from the heater brush past him.


Pei Qianhao was still sitting on the side of the bed. When he saw that Yu Xiao was covered in cuts, he asked, “Did you get the medicinal herbs successfully? How’s your body?”


“It’s fine, I have the herbs with me, and I’ll survive with no problems. However, an imperial guard of yours is probably dead after he fell off a cliff while trying to divert the soldiers away from me.”


Pei Qianhao didn’t say anything, only lowering his head to look at the sleeping Su Xi-er. His gaze became cold. Yun Ruofeng has offended me by making an imperial guard fall off a cliff. Staying out of Nanzhao’s business is no longer an option!


“Take a slice of ginseng and keep it in your mouth.” Pei Qianhao passed the ginseng to Yu Xiao.


Yu Xiao took it and put a slice into his mouth. He then walked towards the shelves in the room and used the remaining warm water to clean his wounds. 


Yu Xiao moved quickly, efficiently removing the thorns that remained stuck in his skin without so much as a flinch. He then left and went to the old physician’s room to get some herbs for his injuries.


Yu Xiao returned with the old physician behind him, the latter having already finished brewing the medicine out of the herbs that had been brought back.


However, Yu Xiao blocked him from going forward. “Spirit Grass is very unusual. It is both a medicine and a poison, so I will test it first.”


Naturally, the old physician knew about Spirit Grass’ medicinal properties. When he saw Yu Xiao reaching over, he immediately pulled the bowl back. “No, not only are you still a child, you are also covered in injuries. If anything happens, you won’t make it.”


“Don’t worry, I have tried all kinds of poison before and my body is fine. Let me test the medicine.” Yu Xiao reached for the bowl of medicine again after this.


Before he could take it into his hands though, a low and deep voice sounded “Bring it in. This Prince will test the medicine.”


Yu Xiao’s movement paused; the old physician’s expression was also serious. Even though Guan Xiang told me of his identity, I still can’t believe that the man behind that door is Prince Hao of Beimin. However, it’s certain that this young lady can’t just be an ordinary maidservant if Prince Hao is willing to personally test the medicine for her.


The old physician carried the medicine carefully into the room, with Yu Xiao following silently behind him. After closing the door, Yu Xiao turned around to see Pei Qianhao slowly sipping the medicine without saying a word.


The old physician looked worried. Spirit Grass is like the mushrooms in the mountains. There are poisonous ones and good ones. While the colour and shape of the mushrooms will show if they’re poisonous or not, the same cannot be said of Spirit Grass. Both the poisonous and normal ones look the same.


If this Spirit Grass is poisonous, even the gods can’t save him. Both the young lady and Prince Hao will die. If the Spirit Grass is good, then we will be very lucky to have medicine that can treat all kinds of diseases.


“Prince Hao, check in 15 minutes if your body feels itchy or if your throat feels sore. If you can breathe properly, the colour of your lips are normal, and you don’t feel any numbness, then you can give this bowl of medicine to Miss to drink.” The old physician said deferentially. Without saying it out loud, he was basically telling Prince Hao that he would die if anything happened.


Pei Qianhao nodded and passed the medicine to the old physician. “Take this and heat it up. It will have gone cold in 15 minutes.”


The old physician’s heart skipped a beat. Prince Hao isn’t worried about whether something will happen to him, but whether the young lady will feel well drinking the cold medicine.


“Take it and go heat it up.” Prince Hao’s deep voice broke the old physician from his stupor. He immediately took the bowl of medicine and turned to leave.

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