How will I get back into the Literary Association when there are so many imperial guards from the Prince Yun Residence? Yu Xiao pressed his lips together tightly, but suddenly felt some pain from his arms and legs. He had tried to hide in a bush of thorns when avoiding Yun Ruofeng’s subordinates while picking herbs. When he finally climbed out, he was already covered in injuries.


The imperial guard who was patrolling the area nearby noticed some movement and headed in Yu Xiao’s direction. Once he was close enough, Yu Xiao raised his arms and covered up the guard’s mouth and nose before knocking him out.


Outside the Literary Association, Qin Ling heard a soft snort and immediately walked towards the alley. His skills in observation were decent enough for him to easily notice the faint shadow on the ground.


Qin Ling put a hand on the sword at his waist, prepared to draw it at a moment’s notice.


Yu Xiao similarly readied himself while hiding in the darkness. With a flurry of movement, both men confronted each other; one holding a sword, while the other wielded his fists.


Qin Ling did a quick once over of the figure illuminated by the moonlight, realising that it was a young man with a bunch of torn clothes and cuts. Seeing the latter in such a sorry state, Qin Ling felt bad and immediately relaxed his grip on his sword.


Yu Xiao recognised Qin Ling and gave a cold snort. “You are Prince Yun’s subordinate, but you just withdrew your sword. Seems like you still have some conscience in you.”


“I don’t kill the innocent. You may leave.” Qin Ling stated softly while sliding his sword back into its sheath.


“I am just returning to the Literary Association after playing outside. Even going home has become so difficult.” Yu Xiao murmured and twisted his head to the side, showing an undisciplined attitude.


“You don’t look like a scholar.”


Faced with Qin Ling’s interrogation, Yu Xiao replied. “I am an orphan. Guan Xiang raised me as a child, and I grew up in the Literary Association. Has Prince Yun even passed an order to prevent people from going home now?”


“If that’s your home, then why were you hiding in the dark? You should be able to return home openly.”


Yu Xiao sneered. “Do you think I am stupid? If I do that, I’ll just end up impaled by all the imperial guards. Do you think every imperial guard is kind like you? Look at the one lying on the ground. He wanted to kill me just now.”


“You have some skills.” Qin Ling furrowed his brows and squatted down to check on his subordinate. After realising that the latter had just passed out, he relaxed.


“Just a deceiving trick I only knocked him out. You look like the commander of the imperial guards. Why don’t you send me home?” Yu Xiao chuckled and showed a harmless expression.


Qin Ling thought about it. The Literary Association is this young man’s home, and all he wants to do is return. Thus,  he nodded and relented. “Follow me.”


Yu Xiao nodded immediately and thought to himself. Wei Mohai is dead, and this person seems to hold a significant amount of status with the imperial guards. It’s just… he seems a bit naive.


With Qin Ling by his side, none of the imperial guards stopped Yu Xiao from entering the Literary Association.


Qin Ling stood outside the Literary Association by himself. I purposely walked closer to that young man when I brought him back, so it was easy to catch the scent of medicinal herbs. They must have been collected to save Su Xi-er. However, I didn’t expose him… because I don’t think that Prince Yun should kill Su Xi-er.


Yu Xiao entered the Literary Association and immediately walked towards the inner courtyard. Upon reaching his destination, he found Guan Xiang anxiously waiting. The latter immediately came over after seeing Yu Xiao and immediately asked, “Did you get the herbs?”


“Mmm.” Yu Xiao took out the herbs from his sleeves. “Pass them to the old physician. This is the Spirit Grass; he will recognise it. I’ll go and check on Miss.” He immediately headed in the direction of Su Xi-er’s room after he finished speaking.


As he did so, Guan Xiang noticed that he was covered in cuts. But right now, the important thing is to simmer some medicine to save Miss.


And so, he immediately made haste as he headed to the old physician to deliver the Spirit Grass.

When the old physician saw the herbs, he was shocked. This is the Spirit Grass! However, this Spirit Grass… The old physician pressed his lips tightly together and didn’t say anything. Oh well, let’s just simmer the medicine first.

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