Ning Anlian tried to raise both hands to resist with all her might, but her arms were held behind her back by Yun Ruofeng. Unable to get away, she could only try to shake her head and cause some of the medicine to drip from her chin onto her gorgeous skirt.


Yun Ruofeng let Ning Anlian go after the last of the medicine was gone. Ning Anlian took a few steps back, supporting herself with a hand on the corner of the table as she started to cough violently.


Yun Ruofeng put down the bowl and instructed the palace maid on the side. “Take good care of the Eldest Imperial Princess.” After that, he turned and started walking out of the repose palace.


“Prince Yun, are you planning to leave just like that? Isn’t this woman in front of you someone who you once loved? Are you not going to stay and keep her company?” Ning Lianchen purposely emphasised the words ‘once loved’.


“Your Majesty, instead of managing court affairs properly, you are making guesses about this Prince’s personal affairs?” Yun Ruofeng paused his footsteps and stared at him with a solemn expression. He then waved his hand. “This Prince has already given you three ministries to manage. If you let your youth take over and fail to manage the three ministries properly, this Prince will take them back in three months.”


All three chief ministers are Yun Ruofeng’s subordinates. Even if I perform well, they will still speak out against me and try to return power to Yun Ruofeng.


Ning Lianchen laughed. “This Emperor won’t disappoint you, Prince Yun.”


“You are disappointing this Prince right now. Go to the Imperial Study to understand the responsibilities of the Ministry of Rites, Ministry of Works, and Ministry of Revenue. You would do well to meet the chief ministers as well. Don’t stay in the Eldest Imperial Princess’ repose palace and guess about things you shouldn’t.” Yun Ruofeng’s tone was serious. He left immediately after he finished talking.


Ning Lianchen replied loudly on purpose. “Prince Yun, you should know whether this Emperor is just guessing or not. This Emperor should also learn to use things that are valuable and throw out things that are not useful anymore.”


Although Yun Ruofeng’s footsteps didn’t pause, the gaze in his eyes changed, and his pace sped up slightly.


In the repose palace, Ning Anlian continued to cough. She had rammed herself into a pillar yesterday and couldn’t remember much. The medicine she had been forced to drink quickly took effect, immediately calming her down.


The palace maid patted her back gently. “Eldest Imperial Princess, are you feeling better?”


Ning Anlian raised her head and gazed at her with a confused and pure look. “Eldest Imperial Princess? Who are you speaking to? Me?”


The palace maid panicked. “Eldest Imperial Princess, what’s wrong? Don’t you remember who you are?”


“I am Ning Anlian, who are you?” It was as if Ning Anlian had regressed to her childhood. She looked at Ning Lianchen, the serious look on the latter’s face making her tremble.


Ning Lianchen looked at her. She has lost her memory and turned silly. The person who harmed my Imperial Elder Sister has received her karma and become like this. Even the man who she thought loved her the most has also now left her to rot in her own insanity


Ning Lianchen changed his mind. If she’s become like this, then she should stay in the imperial palace. Yun Ruofeng definitely doesn’t want to see Ning Anlian; but the more he wants to avoid her, the more I’ll push her towards him!


After Yun Ruofeng left the imperial palace, he stayed inside the study of the Prince Yun residence. No one knew what he was doing.




A group of imperial guards from the Prince Yun Residence was sent to the Literary Association to guard it stringently. Everyone knew that they were there to prevent anyone from going in or out of the Literary Association, but nobody knew why.


The civilians thought something big had happened and were all too scared to go out. They didn’t even dare to open their windows to try to sneak a look.


The situation lasted into the evening, when a young man with a wine pot at his waist carefully hid in the darkness while observing the blockade on the street.

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