Yun Ruofeng narrowed his eyes slightly and nodded. “This Prince will head over immediately.” After that, he looked at Prince Hao. “Even if you refuse, this Prince will still send guards over. Since you are currently in Nanzhao, anything that happens to you will be this Prince’s fault. I hope you can understand, Prince Hao.”


After that, Yun Ruofeng turned on his heel and left the Literary Association.


Pei Qianhao stretched a hand out and caught a withered leaf as it blew along in the wind. No matter how powerful someone is, they will eventually be overthrown if they refuse to acknowledge what is going on around them and adapt to the evolving circumstances. The previous Eldest Imperial Princess of Nanzhao was like this, and that is why she died. From what I see, Yun Ruofeng is doing the same.




Outside the Literary Association, Yun Ruofeng looked at Qin Ling. His tone suddenly became solemn. “Commander Wei raised you from the start as his most trusted subordinate. As Commander Wei has unfortunately passed away, you will take over his position, and become Nanzhao’s Imperial Guard Army Commander from today onwards.


Qin Ling felt that the burden on his shoulders had become much heavier. “This subordinate will obey the order and won’t disappoint you, Prince Yun. I won’t let down Commander Wei either.”


“Guard this place carefully. Su Xi-er is inside the Literary Association. Don’t let any herbal medicine in or out, and make sure she dies.”


Qin Ling was startled after hearing this. Su Xi-er is Prince Hao’s maidservant. Why would Prince Yun want to kill a weak woman?


“Don’t talk too much and just follow my orders.” Yun Ruofeng glanced at him, then got on his horse and left to go to the imperial palace.


Qin Ling watched as Yun Ruofeng left. His brows furrowed tightly together. Su Xi-er is Prince Hao’s important maidservant. If we make a move on her, then it is simply disregarding Prince Hao entirely. Did Prince Yun think this through?


But Prince Yun will definitely be disappointed if I don’t follow his orders. Qin Ling was once again at a loss for what to do.




Yun Ruofeng travelled speedily on his horse and soon entered the Eldest Imperial Princess’ repose palace.


The cacophony of things smashing into the wall could be heard periodically, while Ning Lianchen could be seen coldly watching as Ning Anlian carried on in her madness.


“Your Majesty, is this how you handle things? Just dispassionately watching without intervening?” Yun Ruofeng walked in with a tone of disapproval.


“Prince Yun, it’s difficult for this Emperor to get involved here. Imperial Physician Fang has already prepared some medicine for the Eldest Imperial Princess to calm down. However, after she drinks it, her chance of getting pregnant will be close to zero. Can you bear to do that, Prince Yun?” Ning Lianchen observed him carefully.


Although Ning Anlian was already insane, she suddenly became quiet after hearing the word ‘pregnant’ and started to touch her stomach. “I had babies here before. Three babies,” she murmured. She was able to remember that she had been pregnant before, but because of her madness, was unable to remember whose they were.


At this moment, Imperial Physician Fang entered the palace with a bowl of medicine. He looked at Prince Yun and the Emperor. “Your Majesty, Prince Yun, please quickly discuss whether Eldest Imperial Princess drink it or not. If you wait for too long, it won’t be good for the Eldest Imperial Princess’ body.” 


Yun Ruofeng’s expression was calm, but his brows furrowed together before they relaxed again. “Drink.”


Ning Lianchen chuckled at Yun Ruofeng’s indifferent answer. “Prince Yun, you are really heartless to not even care about having children. However, it does make sense. With your position, it’s not difficult for you to get any woman you want.”


Yun Ruofeng ignored the mockery in Ning Lianchen’s words and ordered the palace maid at the side. “Feed the medicine to the Eldest Imperial Princess.”


The palace maid was new, and had never been so close to Prince Yun before. She trembled after receiving the order before bowing. “This servant obeys the order.”


After that, she took the medicine bowl from Imperial Physician Fang and walked towards Ning Anlian.


Ning Anlian wasn’t cooperative and walked backwards, vehemently refusing. “I won’t drink it, all of you want to kill me!”

The palace maid couldn’t do anything. I can’t just force her to drink it. Suddenly, a long arm reached over and took the bowl of medicine from her hands. It was Prince Yun who had taken the bowl of medicine. The palace maid watched on as Prince Yun now forced the Eldest Imperial Princess to drink it despite her protests.

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