“A gift is made to the current emperor at Nanzhao’s state banquet. Why would I send a gift to Nanzhao’s Prince Regent? Prince Yun, your joke is a bit over the top.” Pei Qianhao retorted easily, his gaze mocking Yun Ruofeng.


He wasn’t mocking him about his talent, but mocking him for acting in a roundabout way. It’s clear that you want to be the emperor. If you have the ability to do so, then nobody would dare to say anything even if you make your ambitions known. Why must you try to disgracefully pretend to be a saint with a gentlemanly aura? That’s so hypocritic.


Yun Ruofeng laughed. “Prince Hao, this Prince was just joking, so don’t take it too seriously. Without even saying it, this Prince can understand that Miss Xi-er is very important to you.”


As a man with great influence, you shouldn’t have a weakness; otherwise, you leave an opening for others to attack.


Su Xi-er has already become Pei Qianhao’s kryptonite. Yun Ruofeng shook his head. Pei Qianhao was born in a lowly family. The blood and sweat that he’s used to pave his path must have involved the deaths of many others. There are countless enemies that want to go against him, and once they find his weakness, he will be done for.


“Prince Yun, if you know that she is important to this Prince, why did you make a move against my maidservant?” Pei Qianhao asked bluntly.


“How do I answer this? When did this Prince send my subordinates to make a move?” Yun Ruofeng’s face was shocked for a moment before returning to normal. “Many things happened during Nanzhao’s state banquet. This Prince’s most talented subordinate, Wei Mohai, also died without rhyme or reason. His body was found on the street near the Literary Association, so this Prince simply had the streets around the area blocked for investigation.”


At this moment, Yun Ruofeng’s smile faded away. “Prince Hao, you knew that the streets around the Literary Association had to be investigated strictly, but you still came over. This reminds me, your maidservant was suddenly injured on the same night that Wei Mohai died; are these two matters related?”


Since Pei Qianhao likes to be straightforward, then I will be more direct as well.


“Dead men tell no tales, but living ones can. We will know the truth when this Prince’s maidservant gets better.”


Yun Ruofeng twisted the thumb ring on his finger. “Yes, everything will be clear when Miss Xi-er is well again. This Prince will send guards to protect Miss Xi-er just in case something happens.”


“This Prince can protect her alone. I won’t trouble Prince Yun.” I will reject his fake kindness. His so-called protection is just to keep her captive.


“How can that do, Prince Hao? Miss Xi-er is so important to you that if this Prince doesn’t send subordinates to protect her, Nanzhao will be implicated if she gets injured. If that happens, you won’t be happy either.”


“Prince Yun, if you had known about this earlier, then maybe Commander Wei wouldn’t have died.” Pei Qianhao’s voice was low and deep, every word a stab to Yun Ruofeng’s heart.


Yun Ruofeng’s heart thumped faster for a moment. Pei Qianhao predicted that I would send Wei Mohai after Su Xi-er. However, he was the one who died instead.


A mere woman had caused me to lose my most capable subordinate.


The air between them congealed immediately. The two didn’t talk, but the stare that they shared was enough to express anything they wanted to say.


Suddenly, Qin Ling rushed in. He noticed the strange atmosphere, but couldn’t be bothered to pay it too much mind because of his urgent news. He bowed and paid his respects before informing. “Reporting to Prince Yun, the Eldest Imperial Princess is awake. However, she has become deranged and doesn’t look well. Prince Yun, you need to go back to the imperial palace immediately. His Majesty and Imperial Physician Fang are both there already.”

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