He bent down and gently removed the white bandage to reveal the wound. After being stabbed by a sword and cut open to let out blood, the flesh around the wound had already curled up. The only reason it hadn’t started rotting was because of the herbs that had been applied.


Pei Qianhao felt his heart being tightly twisted. If I use a dagger to slash at the wound again, the flesh around her wound would have to be removed to prevent infection. Cutting off the flesh would be too painful for a woman, even if Su Xi-er can tolerate pain well.


Seeing that Guan Xiang hadn’t arrived with the hot water, Pei Qianhao left the room and headed to the kitchen beside it to retrieve a basin of hot water and a handkerchief.


Soaking the handkerchief in hot water, Pei Qianhao wiped the wound clean. When he saw that black blood began to seep from the stab on Su Xi-er’s arms again, Pei Qianhao narrowed his eyes before bending his head down and beginning to suck the poison out.


One mouthful after another, Pei Qianhao spat the black blood onto the ground.


After some time, Guan Xiang entered the room and closed the door behind him before immediately reporting, “Prince Yun is outside the Literary Association….”


Before Guan Xiang could complete his sentence, he saw the black blood on the floor and then looked at Pei Qianhao’s lips to realise that they were turning purple. Guan Xiang got anxious. “Prince Hao, how could you suck out such potent poison? I shall go look for the old physician.”


Guan Xiang then hurriedly went off to call the old physician over, coming back within a few minutes. The physician held some clean herbs in his hand before applying them to Su Xi-er’s arm, tying them up with white cloth once again.


After sorting everything out, the old physician wore a solemn expression. He didn’t know that the person standing before him was Prince Hao of Beimin, and chided him like how a physician would lecture his patient. “This is a deadly poison, how can you just suck it out on a whim?”


The old physician sighed and took out some medicinal herbs. “These herbs are useless in saving this young lady. As for you, you should be fine after chewing them up in your mouth and drinking a cup of water. Just remember not to do such a foolish thing again, or you may not be so lucky!”


Pei Qianhao took the herbs and heeded the old physician’s instructions. It wasn’t long before the sickly purple colour faded from his lips. He then bent down and snuggly covered Su Xi-er with the blanket.


Pei Qianhao then turned and ordered Guan Xiang, “Look after her.” After saying those three words, he left the room.


The room was in the inner courtyard, and the main hall where Yun Ruofeng was waiting was in the front courtyard.


Upon seeing Pei Qianhao, Yun Ruofeng smiled. “Prince Hao, there are so many beautiful sights in Nanzhao, but you chose to come to the Literary Association of all places.” Yun Ruofeng wore a smile on his face but, there was an overtone in his words.


However, Pei Qianhao didn’t answer him directly. "This Prince granted my maidservant two days to have some fun in Nanzhao’s capital, but she has yet to return even today. Don’t you have some explaining to do, Prince Yun?”


Pei Qianhao didn’t like to beat around the bush and went straight to the point. Yun Ruofeng’s intention for coming here is clear: he wants to see Su Xi-er. Rather, he wants to see if she is still alive.


Yun Ruofeng feigned surprise. “Miss Xi-er is missing?”


“She has been found now. This Prince didn’t expect that she would come here to play around. Moreover, this Prince didn’t expect you to arrive moments after myself, Prince Yun.” Pei Qianhao spoke calmly with overflowing majesty.


“If she is in the Literary Association, why is she not coming out? Is she feeling uncomfortable?” Yun Ruofeng continued to inquire, his face full of gentleness.


“She is indeed feeling unwell.”


Yun Ruofeng intentionally feigned a startled look before he asked in a worried manner, “Why is she unwell? This Prince shall take a look.” He then stepped forward.


However, before Yun Ruofeng could take his third step, he was blocked by a large hand and a low manly voice sounded. “Prince Yun, there’s no need for you to enter. As a man, you shouldn’t randomly enter a woman’s boudoir.”


“This Prince was just worried since something happened to her in Nanzhao. Also, didn’t you just come out from Miss Xi-er’s room, Prince Hao?”


Pei Qianhao snickered as Yun Ruofeng had bitten off more than he could chew. “It’s different for this Prince. As this Prince’s maidservant, it’s a given that I can enter her room.”


“That’s true. A master can enter his maidservant’s room. It’s this Prince who didn’t think it through.” Yun Ruofeng replied placidly before he suddenly smiled and asked, “Prince Hao, can you bestow Miss Xi-er to this Prince? Treat it as a gift to this Prince for your trip to Nanzhao this time.”

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