Pei Qianhao replied softly, “With this Prince around, she will be fine. This Prince won’t allow anything to happen to her.”


“Prince Hao, what we are lacking now is medicinal herbs. Prince Yun has sealed off the drug stores and the mountains. The area around the Literary Association has also been cordoned off. With your arrival, I’m afraid that Prince Yun will turn up very soon.”


“By all means, let him turn up. Do you think this Prince is afraid of him?”


Guan Xiang was momentarily stunned before he continued, “Since we’re not in Beimin, you will definitely be restricted in some way, Prince Hao.”


Pei Qianhao kept quiet, but an icy glint flickered across his eyes. And that gives him the right to attack my maidservant?


“This Prince didn’t plan on intervening in Nanzhao’s affairs, but that doesn’t mean this Prince doesn’t dare to,” Pei Qianhao calmly stated. His gaze then fell on Su Xi-er; his hand never stopped massaging the acupoint by her ear.


Perhaps it was the medicinal effect of the ginseng slice, or the massaging of the acupoint, but Su Xi-er opened her eyes in a daze and saw Pei Qianhao’s enlarged handsome face before her. 


“Why are you here?” Su Xi-er asked softly before scanning her surroundings.


“Why can’t this Prince be here? If this Prince wasn’t here, you would have probably lost your life.”


“With Prince Hao to look out for me, how would this servant die easily?” Su Xi-er forced a smile, but her lips were so pale and dry that it was painful to look at.


Pei Qianhao frowned. “No one is forcing you, so don’t put on a smile if you are feeling ill. It looks worse than if you were crying; extremely ugly. ”


“Is this servant ugly?” Su Xi-er suddenly asked, her words giving Pei Qianhao the feeling that she was not thinking straight.


Only people who are not thinking straight will suddenly blabber weird stuff.


Hence, Pei Qianhao’s first reaction was to reach out a hand to touch her forehead. He then realised that she was burning up.


Her body was cold, and yet her forehead was burning. Getting into so many mishaps after being away from me. If I had known that she would end up in such a state, I wouldn’t have given her two days.


Pei Qianhao looked at Guan Xiang. “Bring a basin of hot water and a clean towel.”


“Alright, I’ll get to it right now.” Guan Xiang answered and immediately turned to exit the room, closing the door on his way out.


With the heater, the room was slowly becoming much warmer. It was late autumn, and it wasn’t normally the time that a heater would be used yet. Feeling that she was no longer cold, Su Xi-er tried to get out from under the blanket, but was stopped by a larger hand.


“Don’t be naughty,” Pei Qianhao lectured in a low voice.


“Prince Hao, this servant is already in this state, but you are still so fierce?” Su Xi-er looked at him as her eyes suddenly curved into crescent moons, the corners of her lips raised into a smile.


Pei Qianhao felt that something was amiss when he saw her current state. “When has this Prince been fierce towards you? You were the one who was bold this entire time.”


“Not fierce to this servant? Tying this servant’s hands up and wanting to drag me behind the horse carriage. At Water County, you made this servant hold up a wooden basin and kneel on the ground. And…”


“What a glib tongue. If you hadn’t angered this Prince, why would this Prince punish you? This Prince didn’t realise you are good at bearing grudges.”


Su Xi-er’s crescent eyes returned to normal, and her smile slowly faded away. “Prince Hao, this servant is good at bearing grudges. This servant will remember anyone who bullies me by heart, and be sure to pay them back in folds in the future.”


“That works as well. This Prince can bully you harshly; then you can pay it back by following this Prince around closely.” Pei Qianhao let out a chuckle as his hand under the blanket wrapped around hers tightly, warming them up.


Su Xi-er didn’t expect his response. “When we return to Beimin, this servant wishes to return to the Palace Side Quarters, and cannot wait on you anymore, Prince Hao.”


Pei Qianhao asked calmly, “Do you like scrubbing chamber pots that much?”

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