Seeing as how the ginseng would simply slide off Su Xi-er’s lips, Pei Qianhao decided just to open her mouth and place the slice under her tongue.


When he reached out his hands to do so, however, he realised that her lips were cold, prompting him to reach under the blanket to feel her hands. Only then did he realise that her hands were also freezing cold.


After receiving no treatment for a poisoned sword wound besides some bloodletting, she was also forced to spend the night in a cold underground chamber. How could such a thing not be detrimental to her health?


If this goes on, Su Xi-er wouldn’t die from the poison, but from the cold. Letting the cold air enter the body is extremely unfavourable for a woman.


Hence, Pei Qianhao looked at Guan Xiang and ordered, “Choose a comfortable room and prepare a heater in it. Quick.”


“The poison in her has not been completely let out, and the only thing stopping it is the cold. If she stays in a hot room and her blood starts to flow then...”


Pei Qianhao interrupted him before he could finish. “The cold will kill her before the poison does if she stays here any longer.”


Guan Xiang tried to open his mouth, but eventually succumbed under Pei Qianhao’s icy glare and left the chamber to swiftly prepare a room.


Su Xi-er’s breathing was so shallow that you would only be able to hear it if you leaned close. Pei Qianhao put the quilt back on her and picked her up in his arms.


Feeling Su Xi-er shivering from the cold, Pei Qianhao took her hand in his, and held her tighter in his arms. He spoke quietly, “It won’t be cold anymore, hang in there.”


It seemed that Su Xi-er heard his words. She stopped shivering and pressed herself against the warmest part of his body.


All her reactions were born from a human’s natural instincts. Although some of the poison had been let out to reduce its effects, the cold had caused her lips and face to go pale.


When they were about halfway towards the door, Pei Qianhao suddenly turned around and set Su Xi-er down on the table. He didn’t feel sure in his heart, and took off his outer robes before wrapping them around Su Xi-er. Only then did he finally take her into his arms again.


Guan Xiang was standing outside. As soon as he saw Pei Qianhao, he informed, “The room we prepared is over there. We are also preparing the heater, and will bring it over in a bit.” He pointed at a room that was close by as he spoke. It was very small, which would allow it to quickly warm up when the heater arrived. In addition, it was also the closest room to the kitchen.


Pei Qianhao nodded and hastened his steps towards the room.


He lifted his leg to kick the room door open since his hands were full. He then hooked his leg around the door and pushed back to close it once he had entered.


Reaching the side of the bed, Pei Qianhao carefully set Su Xi-er down before pulling the blanket up to cover her.


Afraid that she would be cold, he then simply sat by the bed and reached a hand under the blanket to hold onto her freezing hands, using his other hand to massage the acupoint beside her ear. Doing so would allow a person’s body to gradually heat up.


The unconscious Su Xi-er felt a heat source and immediately leaned against it. Suddenly, Pei Qianhao felt that she was extremely dependent on him.


“The heater is here.” Guan Xiang’s voice sounded from outside the room.


Pei Qianhao answered, “Send it in.”


As soon as he answered, two scholars opened the door and carried a heater in before leaving.


Guan Xiang then entered and looked at Su Xi-er as he closed the door behind him. “I hope Miss will be fine.”

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