Su Xi-er immediately poured out a little medicinal powder and smeared it on her left wrist.

At the same time, she even poured a little on the fragrance sachet at her waist. The material of the fragrance sachet was contaminated with the smell of safflower and the medicinal powder could remove the smell, saving her the trouble of having to go out of her way to clean it.


After she had properly closed it, Su Xi-er carefully placed the white porcelain bottle and medicinal herbs in the cupboard. 


She had just closed the cupboard door when she heard knocking on her room door. Hong Li’s voice sounded, “Old Maidservant Zhao has indeed died. Her body has been covered by a white cloth and sent out of the imperial palace. I heard that it’s going to be thrown into the unmarked mass grave.”


Su Xi-er understood in her heart. “Come in first before you talk.”


If Old Maidservant Zhao has died just like that, then what about Liu Ye-er? Where exactly is Old Maidservant Zhao keeping her?”


Hong Li swiftly entered the room and gingerly closed the door. Her face was full of lingering fear as she recalled the event. “Old Maidservant Zhao has stayed in the imperial palace for so many years. In the past, she had even served the Pure Consort[1]. It was only after the Pure Consort committed a crime and was sentenced to death that Old Maidservant Zhao was assigned to the Palace Side Quarters.”


A few simple sentences had summarised the whole of Old Maidservant Zhao’s life. Su Xi-er hadn’t known that Old Maidservant Zhao had even served the Pure Consort before.


“Hong Li, which Pure Consort are you referring to?”


When she saw Su Xi-er’s earnest expression, Hong Li was bemused. Old Maidservant Zhao is already dead, but Su Xi-er still wants to ask?


But since she has asked, I have to answer. Su Xi-er is my hope now!


“I entered the palace earlier than you by year. That year happened to be when the Pure Consort committed a crime and Old Maidservant Zhao was sent to the Palace Side Quarters. It’s normal that you’re not aware of this matter. As for Pure Consort herself, I only know that her surname is Liu and that she’s a woman with a literary reputation. After Pure Consort met with a calamity, the Liu Family also declined.”


Su Xi-er immediately caught the main point. “Her surname is Liu?”


Could it be related to Liu Ye-er?


Hong Li nodded. “That’s right. Her surname is Liu, the same surname as Liu Ye-er.”


When she mentioned Liu Ye-er, the expression in Hong Li’s eyes immediately changed as she quickly shut her mouth.


Su Xi-er scrunched up her slender eyebrows a little and began ruminating.


When Hong Li saw her looking pensive, she made fun of her. “You’re only fifteen years old. Using Old Maidservant Liu’s words, you are right in the prime of your youth. You will look older if you always furrow your brow.”


Su Xi-er raised her head to look at her and muttered to herself, “Who could Liu Ye-er have offended? Her surname is Liu, and Pure Consort’s surname is also Liu.”


“It’s just a coincidence ‘Liu’ is such a common surname that there are many people with it! Don’t mention Liu Ye-er anymore. Whenever she is brought up, I will quail in my heart.” Hong Li waved her hand as she told her. 


Su Xi-er was puzzled. They have the same surname. Is it really just a coincidence?


Just as she was pondering, Hong Li patted her shoulders and looked excited. “Prince Hao really cares about you. When Old Maidservant Zhao secretly meted out punishment to you, he immediately retaliated against her so harshly. With her old body, there was no way she would survive the thirty planks she was sentenced to. Tsk tsk, I reckon that all the women in the Beauty Palace don’t have such a treatment.”


“Whenever Prince Hao sees a beauty, he will keep her for himself. What kind of person do you think he is?” Su Xi-er pretended to ask casually.


This question frightened Hong Li. Her entire expression changed and she became very cautious. “How would I dare to fabricate shortcomings about Prince Hao?! Besides, in Beimin, even those with slight wealth would marry a few concubines. Prince Hao has massive power, so it’s natural that he has many women!”


As long as one has immense power, one can possess numerous women. This notion was already deep-seated in Beimin.


Su Xi-er thought of Nanzhao. Although the rules aren’t as stringent as in Beimin, it is also misogynistic, and regards men as superior to women. In the previous era, when it came to the most elegant and talented Princess Zhao Hua, her husband still took two concubines.


All of a sudden, she recalled what she had once told Yun Ruofeng. “You’re only allowed to have me in this lifetime.”


How did Yun Ruofeng reply me back then? “In this lifetime, I will only love you.”


Hehe, now that I think about it, how mocking and ridiculous it had been!

1. Considered to be one of the higher ranks of imperial consorts in the imperial harem

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