Su Xi-er raised her head to look at him. Everyone in the imperial palace knows what he loves the most. In that case, it seems that it is definitely his most obvious characteristic.


When one mentions Prince Hao, what would be their first reaction?


She started. The Beauty Palace. Everyone in the whole world knows... Even when I was still Ning Rulan, I already knew that.


As she looked at his eyes that were overflowing with probing queries, she finally replied, “I have always heard other palace maids talk about the Beauty Palace, and that there are many beauties in there. Does Prince Hao love this the most?”


He immediately raised the corners of his mouth and raised his hand to feel her face. The tactile sensation was superb, leaving him very satisfied.


Su Xi-er didn’t resist and allowed him to touch. If I resist, I’ll definitely elicit an even more intense action from him.


At the same time, she was also sounding him out. Is he really as the rumours say? That he can’t restrain himself whenever he sees a beauty?


Pei Qianhao’s hand that was stroking her face stopped. The expression in his eyes changed. It was no longer joking, but solemn like an abyss suffused with cold rays. “This prince loves beauties the most. Your appearance could be considered first in the Beauty Palace. Are you scared that this prince has seen you?”


Su Xi-er’s heart shuddered when she heard his words. I absolutely can’t enter the Beauty Palace.


There are two reasons. First of all, in this nation of Beimin, misogyny is rampant and men are regarded as superior to women. After entering the Beauty Palace, I reckon that I’ll be completely sealed off from the outside world, unable to hear of any news from Nanzhao.


Perhaps more importantly, I don’t want to be involved with this man. His whole body reeks of danger.


She looked at him and slowly asked, “Prince Hao, beauties will eventually age. If they become old and their beautiful appearances fade, will they still be your favourite?”


Prince Hao looked at her serious expression and involuntarily removed his hand from her face.


No one has ever asked me this question nor have I ever thought about it before.


Su Xi-er saw that he didn’t answer so she continued, “This servant wants to lead my whole life peacefully, and not to be raised to extreme heights by others and then dropped down just as hard.”


She then pushed him away and knelt down with a thud, pretending to be extremely weak and delicate. “Prince Hao, you definitely suspect that this servant is the person who attacked you in the woods. But that night, this servant really was sweeping in the Palace Side Quarters. I returned to my room right after I was done.”


Pei Qianhao lowered his head to look at her. He didn’t know why, but he suddenly felt irritated.


Every word that she has said, no one has ever dared to speak them to me before. She knelt down and said so much just to implore me not to take her into the Beauty Palace.


It was as if the air instantly congealed. It was unclear how much time had passed when Pei Qianhao’s deep and low voice rang from above her head.


“Things that have no benefits to this prince at all, this prince will toss them away without any mercy. Of course, if someone has provoked this prince, this prince will definitely not let that person off no matter who they are.”


His voice was chilly. As soon as he was done speaking, Su Xi-er saw the lower hem of the purple clothes swish. 


Creak. The room door was opened and Pei Qianhao instantly vanished from the room.


Before he left, his gaze turned rapidly towards the small groove in the wall. She still hasn’t discovered that pearl.


Su Xi-er stood up. Learning from her lesson after two instances where she was caught by surprise, she would always check if there was anyone in the room every time she entered and sprinkle white ash in front of the door every time she left. Today, she had sprinkled the white ash once, not expecting that Pei Qianhao would come again.


The room door was opened so Su Xi-er moved forward to close the door before returning to the bedside and picking up the white porcelain bottle. Opening it, she began to feel refreshed as she carefully took a sniff of the green medicinal powder inside.


She had studied medicinal herbs in the past. Although she wasn’t an expert, she had at least managed to pick up the basics. 


The smell of this medicinal powder is different from normal medicinal powders. That is why its effect is so great.

Suddenly, Su Xi-er’s eyes lit up. Perhaps this was taken from Xiliu Nation? Regardless of gender, all of their people like to appear beautiful, favouring this kind of medicine that is made with flowers and plants.

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