Ning Anlian’s eyes went hazy upon hearing Piao Xu’s last words, her mind going blank at the same time. The death of her servant had finally shaken Ning Anlian enough for her to be completely flabbergasted.


I am about to be taken to the Imperial Mausoleum, my dignity as the Eldest Imperial Princess meaningless. And just what have I gained after scheming for so long?


I thought that I had obtained Yun Ruofeng’s love, something that I have desired for the longest time. In the end, I am just lying to myself.


She stared blankly at the dead Piao Xu before lifting her head to look at Ning Lianchen. Her voice was no longer sharp, and instead held a tinge of melancholy. "Karma. Only now am I able to understand how Ning Rulan felt when she was imprisoned."


There were no tears. Ning Anlian's sadness couldn’t be expressed by mere tears. The feelings in her heart pressed down suffocatingly onto her chest, leaving her with no way to vent it.


Ning Anlian suddenly stood up and laughed bleakly. "Ning Rulan, I'm as pitiful as you. Haha, even after your death, my days haven’t gotten any better. Karma, it's all karma!" Malevolence flickered in Ning Anlian’s eyes as she finished her sentence; nobody could stop her from immediately slamming headfirst into the thick red pillar in the repose palace.


A loud bang was heard as Ning Anlian fell to the ground like a broken puppet, her hands dropping lifelessly to her sides as blood flowed like a river from her head. It was a terrifying sight.


Ning Anlian let out two hollow laughs and muttered under her breath, "Imperial Mother is right. Men are all unfaithful and ruthless." Her voice gradually softened before she finally closed both her eyes, showing no more sign of motion.


Ning Lianchen coldly watched the scene before gesturing to the imperial guard at his side. "Summon Imperial Physician Fang."


The guard immediately acknowledged the order before turning to go to the Imperial Physician Institute. In the meantime, Ning Lianchen walked over to Ning Anlian and placed a hand on her neck. "Not hard enough. There's still a pulse."


Not long after, Imperial Physician Fang hurried over with a medicine box, his expression going stiff when he saw the scene in front of him. It was a moment before he was able to compose himself and greet Ning Lianchen. "This humble official pays his respects to Your Majesty."


Ning Lianchen stood up and waved his hand. "Come take a look at the Eldest Imperial Princess. She still has a pulse."


Imperial Physician Fang acknowledged the order and promptly went to Ning Anlian's side. He had a heavy expression as he reached out to feel her pulse, pulling out some silver needles a moment later. Sticking them into her philtrum and a few other acupoints on Ning Anlian’s head, he was able to get her to stop bleeding, and even had her breathing stabilised.


"Servants, carry the Eldest Imperial Princess to her bed to rest. Send her to the Imperial Mausoleum after her health has recovered." Ning Lianchen ordered his subordinates.


Imperial Physician Fang watched the Eldest Imperial Princess being carried away for a moment before scanning his surroundings. It seems like His Majesty has changed out all the imperial guards in this repose palace. It's as good as His Majesty's subordinates holding the Eldest Imperial Princess captive.


"How's the Eldest Imperial Princess's condition?"


Faced with Ning Lianchen's sudden question, Imperial Physical Fang didn't dare let his guard down. I've heard that His Majesty now has control of three ministries. He is no longer a puppet like before.


"Replying to Your Majesty, the Eldest Imperial Princess is emotional. Though her wound didn't result in death, her condition isn't too optimistic. If she does come around, her mental state would be a mess, and she may even go mad from agitation. If she doesn’t wake up, then she will be little more than a living vegetable with a pulse and a rosy complex."


All in all, the Eldest Imperial Princess would never be the same as before.

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