Ning Lianchen solemnly replied, "The truth behind the Wei Miss' cases has been uncovered. This letter is the evidence that they were murdered by a scholar from Moon County, and not Prince Hao’s maidservant. With how you have wronged Prince Hao's maidservant,  he definitely won't let this matter go if you are not sent to the Imperial Mausoleum for three years. This Emperor advises you to go to the Imperial Mausoleum at once. Nanzhao’s current strength can’t compare to Beimin’s."


"No, this Princess isn’t going!" Ning Anlian felt suffocated in her chest, and tried to escape from the guards like a mad woman.


I can’t go to the Imperial Mausoleum. Those are tombs filled with dead people. Living conditions are harsh and nobody there would care about me. Moreover, the Imperial Mausoleum is extremely far. If I go there, I won't be able to see Feng for three years!


I don't want to! No way! There was something wrong with Ning Anlian's gaze, as if she was about to break into hysterics.


Ning Lianchen signalled for the imperial guards to promptly take action.


The guards understood and hastened their steps. They immediately seized Ning Anlian and tied both her hands together with a rope.


Ning Anlian had never suffered such humiliation. She screamed in a deranged manner, "Ning Lianchen, you are just a puppet! This Princess will not let you off for treating me in this manner!"


"Is that so? Imperial Elder Sister, if you don’t want to go to the Imperial Mausoleum, then this Emperor has a simple solution. This Emperor will bestow a cup of poisoned wine upon you. You simply have to drink it to be free,” Ning Lianchen suggested with a gentle look on his face.


Ning Anlian stared at Ning Lianchen. His features were just like Ning Rulan’s, and facing him in this manner only reminded her of Ning Rulan.


"You…"Ning Anlian was at a loss for words, with only a single sentence on the tip of her tongue. I hate Ning Rulan to the core!


"How audacious!" A woman's fierce voice could be heard as Piao Xu entered and stopped beside Ning Anlian in a hurry. "A bunch of dog servants[1]! She is the Eldest Imperial Princess, and you are all not allowed to act impudently!"


Ning Lianchen looked at Piao Xu and chuckled. "You have to check for the master before you hit a dog. Scolding them is disregarding this Emperor."


"Piao Xu, where's Prince Yun? Didn't you go to the Prince Yun Residence- why are you here alone?" Ning Anlian looked at the palace doors anxiously. Yun Ruofeng isn't here! Where is he? What happened? Why isn't he here? 


Piao Xu tried her very best to hold in her pained expression. She decided to first hide the truth from Ning Anlian and answered softly. "Eldest Imperial Princess, Prince Yun has to deal with a troublesome matter, and won't be able to come here tonight. But don't worry, this servant will follow Your Highness forever."


"Troublesome matter? Won't be able to come? This Princess is about to be taken to the Imperial Mausoleum, and he is actually not coming!" Ning Anlian could feel pain throbbing in her heart. At this crucial moment, he didn't appear.


Ning Lianchen looked at Piao Xu. "What troublesome matters are there? Prince Yun should be fine. Moreover, the Eldest Imperial Princess is to go to the Imperial Mausoleum alone. No one is allowed to accompany her."


Piao Xu immediately fell on her knees, "This servant serves the Eldest Imperial Princess for life, and will never abscond or abandon her."


Ning Anlian was a little touched. "Piao Xu…"


"What a loyal servant. If that’s the case…” Ning Lianchen paused and ordered the guard behind him, "Bring a cup of poisoned wine."


The imperial guard bowed and turned on his heel to carry out the order.


Hearing Ning Lianchen mention poisoned wine, Ning Anlian lashed out, "What do you want to do?!"


"Going to the Imperial Mausoleum is equivalent to spending the rest of your life there until you turn old. How could this Emperor only let you stay there for three years? Since Piao Xu isn’t a servant who guards the Imperial Mausoleum, how could this Emperor allow her to accompany you? Nevertheless, since she is willing to serve you for life, this Emperor is bestowing a cup of poisoned wine upon her." Ning Lianchen enunciated his words so that every word was like a needle slowly stabbing into Ning Anlian’s heart.


The imperial guard who had gone to fetch the cup of poisoned wine had returned. Before anybody could say anything, he had already arrived in front of Piao Xu and forced her to down the contents of the cup.


"No, no!" Ning Anlian tried her best to stop it, but her hands were tied behind her back. She could only watch helplessly as Piao Xu fell onto the ground, blood flowing out from the orifices of her body.


Piao Xu struggled to use her very last breath to speak to Ning Anlian. "Eldest Imperial Princess, this servant apologises for going on ahead. Eldest Imperial Princess… Don't trust Prince Yun. He is very terrifying. He won’t save you. You must... save yourself."


Having said her last words, Piao Xu closed her eyes, her hands dropping to the ground as her breathing stopped.


Hearing Piao Xu's words, Ning Anlian felt as though her breath was frozen in place. Her heart was beating so hard that it was suffocating.

1. A common derogatory way to refer to servants.

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Perhaps, Prince Yun only cares about himself.

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If I go there, I won't be able to see Feng for three years!

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