The door guard swiftly entered and returned; looking at Piao Xu, he informed, "Prince Yun isn’t in the mood to be concerned about anything else right now. He said to tell Miss Piao Xu to return to the imperial palace, and stay beside the Eldest Imperial Princess no matter what. Prince Yun has his own arrangements for what will happen after."


The guard's words made Piao Xu's heart sink. What Prince Yun means is that it's inconvenient for him to meddle in the Eldest Imperial Princess's affairs now. She can only helplessly wait if His Majesty insists on sending her to the Imperial Mausoleum.


Hearing the guard's words, Qin Ling was startled. Doesn't Prince Yun love the Eldest Imperial Princess? Why is he not concerned about her? Suddenly, Qin Ling felt that he couldn't understand Yun Ruofeng.


Piao Xu’s expression was grim as she stared at the Prince Yun Residence, glancing back and forth at the door and the guards holding their halberds in front of it. In the end, she could only clench her fists and purse her lips, walking away without another word.


I tried to see things from Prince Yun’s point of view to comfort the Eldest Imperial Princess before by convincing her that Prince Yun loves her, but now… being sent to the Imperial Mausoleum is basically the same as executing her!


In your time of need, Prince Yun ignored your cry for help, and used his bad mood as an excuse. Eldest Imperial Princess, Piao Xu was wrong. I never should have comforted you in such a way. I know now that he doesn’t truly love you, and probably has never since the beginning; as for who he does love, perhaps he only loves himself.


Qin Ling watched Piao Xu as she disappeared into the distance. He could imagine the present scene in the Eldest Imperial Princess' repose palace. It’s definitely in a mess.




In the Eldest Imperial Princess' repose palace, there were shattered vases and teapots everywhere. Even the chairs were overturned.


Ning Anlian pointed at Ning Lianchen, her eyes opened in a scathing glare. "Do you take this Princess for a fool? This Princess is not going to the Imperial Mausoleum for three years.  I will never be able to return once I go. To be forced to live in such a cold and lonely place, I would rather die! If you want this Princess to go, you can bestow death upon this Princess and carry my corpse to the Imperial Mausoleum!"


Ning Anlian said this on purpose to agitate Ning Lianchen. Your Imperial Elder Sister, Ning Rulan, was banished from the imperial household, and didn't have the opportunity to be buried in the Imperial Mausoleum!


Yet, Ning Lianchen’s disposition as an emperor was ironclad, his voice filled with a solemn authority as he spoke. "Since you dare to gamble with others, you must be willing to admit defeat. You have never been to the Imperial Mausoleum, and have always wanted to go, so this Emperor shall grant your wish today. Servants, swiftly take the Eldest Imperial Princess to the Imperial Mausoleum. There shall be no delay."


"Understood." The imperial guards bowed and acknowledged the order. These imperial guards were originally loyal towards Ning Rulan. After Ning Rulan's death, Ning Lianchen had taken them under his wings and cultivated them in secret. Although they took orders from Yun Ruofeng, their true loyalty laid with the Emperor. Even if there were only a hundred of them, they were the cream of the crop.


Ning Anlian stared at the two tall and strong guards walking towards her and started to feel uneasy. She looked around in a panic, searching for Piao Xu anxiously. Piao Xu left during the chaos- she must have gone to find Feng. Why is she still not back? Feng must have a solution; he will save me!


Ning Anlian took a few steps back and tried to stop the approaching guards with her authority as the Eldest Imperial Princess. It was all futile though. The current Ning Lianchen had control over three entire ministries; a complete turnaround from a few days ago.


With no other choice, Ning Anlian could only bring up Yun Ruofeng. "Your Majesty, have you told Prince Yun about sending this Princess to the Imperial Mausoleum overnight? Commander Wei hasn’t even completed the investigation yet, but you’re saying that the truth has been uncovered?”

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