Yun Ruofeng turned and looked at the black blood on the sword before checking Wei Mohai's corpse again. There are no sword injuries on him. The black blood must belong to the murderer!


Black blood means that the murderer must have been poisoned. Wei Mohai had intentionally smeared lethal poison on his sword before carrying out my orders.


The one who killed him is… Su Xi-er? Yun Ruofeng was startled, his body freezing up. It is definitely Su Xi-er, or at the very least, someone related to her.


"Make sure you take care of the sword," Yun Ruofeng ordered again before he examined Wei Mohai's corpse in detail. There aren't any injuries on him. What caused his death?


As if by magic, the clouds dispersed, and the moon showed its face; it’s light illuminating the murder scene.


Under the moonlight, Yun Ruofeng saw the three silver needles on Wei Mohai's head. Each of them was stabbed into one of the three major death acupoints on humans. Stab one, unconsciousness. Stab two, paralysis. Stab three, death.


Yun Ruofeng's gaze fell on the three silver needles. To be able to hit the three points in an instant, the killer had to be very familiar with the acupuncture points on a human body, in addition to being extremely skilled at throwing needles. This person's skills...


A moment later, Yun Ruofeng's breath grew laboured as his eyes darkened. His heart was pounding in his chest. Using silver needles, that's extremely like someone! Ning Rulan! Her killing method was to aim at the acupoints; every move, a deadly one.


How could there be someone with the same killing method? It's… Yun Ruofeng subconsciously clenched and unclenched his fists, the look in his eyes changing.


Is it Ning Rulan's soul that has returned? There is no doubt that she hated me when I killed her and Lü Liu. She died with grievances, and has come to look for me for revenge...


Qin Ling felt his heart dropped when he saw this side of Yun Ruofeng. I am well aware of the brotherhood between Prince Yun and Commander Wei. Prince Yun is only like this because he can't accept Commander Wei's death.


"Prince Yun, my condolences." Qin Ling cupped his fists together and spoke softly.


"Say, can a human's soul kill someone after they have died?" Yun Ruofeng suddenly came out with this question. A smile flickered across his face, but it was neither gentle nor cruel- it was filled with a dreary sense of desolation.


Qin Ling didn't understand the reason behind Prince Yun's question. Pondering momentarily, he replied, "This subordinate doesn't believe in the occult. People cannot kill from beyond the grave, just as people cannot return from the dead."


"Return from the dead." Yun Ruofeng muttered under his breath before eventually standing up. Malevolence flashed across his eyes before his calm demeanour returned. "Pass on this Prince's order: close every single medicinal store in Nanzhao's capital. Cordon off the mountains in the suburbs of Nanzhao's capital where herbs are gathered and guard the mountains tightly. These orders shall stay until the day Commander Wei's killer is arrested."


Yun Ruofeng's words were stern. He then looked at Wei Mohai's corpse. "Take Commander Wei's corpse back to his hometown and bury it. Hold him an elaborate funeral, and have the woman from Commander Wei's childhood arranged marriage come guard his tomb for the rest of her life."


Qin Ling was stunned. He was a trusted follower of Wei Mohai, and was aware of the arranged marriage. However, he also knew that the woman hadn’t liked Wei Mohai, and had already broken off the engagement to marry someone else.


Qin Ling thought that Prince Yun didn't know about this. "Prince Yun, the woman from Commander Wei's arranged marriage fell in love with the village teacher. She had broken off the engagement with Commander Wei, and was married last year. Now that she must have already given birth to a child, how can she guard Commander Wei’s tomb?"


Yun Ruofeng was expressionless. In a nonchalant tone, he commanded, "Kill that woman's husband and child. Have her guard his tomb forever. If she tries to end her life, then kill her maiden family in secret as well."

Qin Ling held his breath. Commander Wei truly did like that woman, and definitely wouldn’t wish for such a thing to happen. However, it’s not possible for me to defy Prince Yun!

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