A bright glint flickered across Pei Qianhao’s eyes, and he chuckled. “This Prince doesn’t care who the real murderer is. The important thing is that the one who killed the Wei Miss’ wasn’t this Prince’s maidservant. The Eldest Imperial Princess used this Prince’s maidservant chiding the two Wei Miss’ as justification for accusing her, but you tell me, who has the bigger motivation to kill here? This Prince’s maidservant, or the scholar?”


His reasoning was completely logical. In their deal, Su Xi-er and Ning Anlian had agreed that the latter would have to go to the Imperial Mausoleum as long as it was proved that Su Xi-er wasn’t the murderer. It didn’t make any mention of uncovering the real culprit.


Ning Lianchen was cheering on the inside. How clever of Prince Hao! He grasped the key point and immediately made Yun Ruofeng unable to argue.


“This Emperor thinks that the scholar has a bigger motive to kill. As for how the scholar died, it wouldn’t be surprising if he had taken his own life out of a guilty conscience. After killing the Wei Miss’ who had loved him so much, he couldn’t sleep properly at night, and decided to end it once and for all. Don’t you think he decided to do that instead of suffering from living in guilt, Prince Yun?” Ning Lianchen looked at Yun Ruofeng, his words laced with an undertone that he knew the latter would understand.


Yun Ruofeng’s breath hitched for a moment as he tightened his fists under his sleeves.


Pei Qianhao waved his hand. “The covenant must be honoured. Since today is the last day of Nanzhao’s state banquet, Your Majesty will need to discuss with Prince Yun as to when you will send the Eldest Imperial Princess to the Imperial Mausoleum for three years.”


He purposely raised the volume of his voice so that the surrounding civilians could hear him. A few clever peddlers understood immediately.


“Apparently, Prince Hao’s maidservant had made a deal with the Eldest Imperial Princess.”


“How can the Eldest Imperial Princess malign people?”


“That’s right. However, it’s also right for the Eldest Imperial Princess to go to the Imperial Mausoleum. Going there will show her filial piety.”


Everyone around started gossiping. It seems like Ning Anlian has no choice but to go to the Imperial Mausoleum.


Pei Qianhao opened his mouth again and spoke in a voice that was full of authority. “Prince Yun, this Prince dislikes people who break my trust and go back on their words. Whether it’s governing the country or leading an army, trust is the most important thing.”


Pei Qianhao turned and got on the horse carriage behind him.


Shortly after, the horse carriage started moving, Pei Qianhao sat up and narrowed his eyes. Su Xi-er will return soon. After all, two days are almost up.


I have fully let go of Su Xi-er for the past two days. Although she still had a day left, there was an inexplicable feeling in his heart that made him uncomfortable and feel that something was amiss, causing his eyebrows to involuntarily become furrowed.


After Pei Qianhao left, the street where the Wei Residence was located gradually became quiet. Yun Ruofeng still maintained his usual gentle aura in front of everyone.


“Prince Yun, you should head back first since you didn’t feel well earlier today and drank much wine at the banquet tonight. This Emperor will handle the rest.” Ning Lianchen waved his hand, displaying the disposition of an emperor.


Yun Ruofeng nodded and thought to himself. Ning Lianchen is getting more and more out of control. I will need to make a move to get him under control after the dignitaries from the various countries leave.


“Your Majesty is becoming more and more talented. This Prince is very happy that you have learnt to care for me. This Prince did drink too much wine tonight, and will withdraw first.” Yun Ruofeng paid his respects politely and turned to leave.


I have to respect Ning Lianchen in front of the civilians. After all, he even told them that he would be reducing the taxes earlier today.


Yun Ruofeng got on his horse carriage. Before the horse carriage had travelled for long, Qin Ling arrived on a horse. “Prince Yun, Commander Wei still hasn’t returned after carrying out your order.”


Yun Ruofeng’s brow was knitted. No matter how ferocious Su Xi-er is, she is just a weak little woman. Why hasn’t Wei Mohai returned yet?


“No need to panic, we will just wait.”


Qin Ling’s expression was very anxious. “Prince Yun, Commander Wei hasn’t returned, but his warhorse has!”

Yun Ruofeng immediately lifted up the curtain of the horse carriage. A commander will always be with his warhorse. If their warhorse has returned without them, the commander is either missing… or dead.

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