Wei Mohai’s pupils constricted in terror as his hand began to fall, its owner no longer having the strength to keep it raised.


Ning Rulan was already extremely vicious. Now that she is reborn with all of her hatred towards Prince Yun… He really wanted to get up and tell Prince Yun that Su Xi-er was Ning Rulan!


However, death was fast approaching, and his strength had disappeared. In the end, he could only say with his dying breath, “You will meet with a terrible death.” After that, Wei Mohai’s hand slipped to the ground and died with his eyes wide open.


Su Xi-er sneered and helped him to close his ferocious eyes. “How can you not keep your eyes closed after death[1]? Even letting you die is letting you off easy. Go and accompany Lü Liu in your next life; kneel and repent to her. In your next life, you will forever be a servant.”


Su Xi-er got up and tidied up her cyan dress despite the pain in her arm.


Suddenly, Yu Xiao passed by the alleyway and happened to catch sight of Su Xi-er. He was on his way back from buying wine at the restaurant by the Water Caltrop River. He hadn’t thought that he would coincidentally bump into her here.


However, something was wrong about the situation. Yu Xiao made his way over, but stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Wei Mohai lying dead on the ground, an unusual expression flickering past the recesses of his eyes.


Yu Xiao tightened his fists. Wei Mohai is already dead, but he died too easily! It’s not enough to release the hatred I have for him killing my friend!


“Withdraw immediately. It’s not good if other civilians see this.” Su Xi-er reminded before hastily walking forward.


However, before she could get very far, she began to feel dizzy. Looking down at her arm, she saw that the blood flowing from her wound had turned from red to black.


There was poison on the sword! Wei Mohai really went to great lengths to plan ahead so that I would die for sure.


The smile that suddenly appeared on Su Xi-er’s face was filled with such a cold intent that even Yu Xiao was shocked. Does she also hold a grudge against Wei Mohai? Otherwise, it wouldn’t be possible for her to show such an expression.


Yu Xiao quieted down and followed behind her, but when she saw the black coloured blood on her arm, he immediately knelt in front of her.


“I will carry you to the Literary Association on my back. You will die if you walk there!” Yu Xiao anxiously urged her.


Su Xi-er was giddy, and her consciousness was gradually dissipating. Finally, Yu Xiao took her onto his back without waiting for her answer and hurried towards the Literary Association.


With his toned physique, Yu Xiao swiftly made his way to the Literary Association.


Meanwhile, Wei Mohai laid on the street, dead. At this point, nobody knew that the commander of Nanzhao’s Imperial Guard Army, and Yun Ruofeng’s right hand man, was already dead.


Needless to say, Yun Ruofeng wasn’t feeling very well right now either. Everyone was gathered in front of the Wei Residence, and the sight of the letter on the scholar’s sleeve only made his heart sink.


Ning Lianchen remarked, “It looks like it was this scholar who killed the Wei Miss’, and not Prince Hao’s maidservant. Prince Yun, so what do we do about the covenant?”


Yun Ruofeng calmed himself down. “The scholar is already dead. We can’t conclude that he is the killer just because of a few letters. Moreover, dead men tell no tales. We are unable to proceed with the investigation.”

1. A dead person with eyes open is considered to have died with regrets.

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"We are unable to proceed with the investigation."

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