She went to a drug store, arriving right before they closed. Using acupuncture as an excuse, she bought a bag of silver needles. Next, she headed to a pawnshop and paid the owner several copper coins to take care of the dangling hair ornament that she wore.


The pawnshop had been open for a few decades in Nanzhao’s capital city, and the shop owner was honest and loyal. He could see that although the dangling ornament was dull in colour, it was a valuable antique. As such, he didn’t dare to be careless, and decided to keep it himself instead of handing it to one of his employees.


Su Xi-er was at ease when she saw this. Instead of returning to Cyan Wind Pavilion or heading to the Wei Residence, she walked on a quiet street by herself.


She felt her sense of danger growing even more urgent as she walked, waiting for a counterattack from Yun Ruofeng. If I made a move on Yun Ruofeng, I must expect that he’s decided to make a move on me as well.


Finally, Su Xi-er saw Wei Mohai waiting for her with his sword on his waist. He had a grim expression, while murderous intention leaked from his eyes.


Wei Mohai looked at her and said in a calm voice. “I believe I don’t need to explain to a clever person like you why I am here, Miss Xi-er.”


It seems that I have guessed correctly. She had left the Cyan Wind Pavilion specifically precisely because she was waiting for this moment.


However, I thought that Yun Ruofeng would at most send some regular soldiers. I didn’t think that he would send his trusted confidant, Wei Mohai. This is just as well; Wei Mohai killed  Lü Liu, and I must take revenge for her!


Su Xi-er smiled. “I didn’t think that Prince Yun took me seriously enough to send someone like you to kill me, Commander Wei. You’ve had many years of experience in the army, and even fought in wars before. It should be a simple matter for you to kill someone like me.”


Although her tone was flat, each word was said in mockery.


Wei Mohai understood this, but he didn’t mind it. As long as I can finish the job, then it is fine. This woman has ruined Prince Yun’s plans repeatedly. If the Eldest Imperial Princess is sent to the Imperial Mausoleum, it would be an embarrassment for Nanzhao.


That’s why, Su Xi-er must die!


“Miss Xi-er, I don’t need to explain for you to understand, so I won’t waste time trying.” Wei Mohai drew his sword and started running towards Su Xi-er.


Su Xi-er stayed calm in the face of his charge, taking out a silver needle and shooting it towards his Baihui acupoint.


Wei Mohai paused his sword, jumped into the air, and aimed his sword at her Shenting acupoint.


However, against his expectations, Su Xi-er purposely stayed still, swiftly moving to the side at the last moment and pushing a needle into his Tinnitus acupoint[1].


Wei Mohai had fallen into her trap; he was already starting to feel a headache, in addition to a ringing in his ears. Although this caused his footsteps to become unstable, his familiarity with swords made his slashes as deadly as ever.


With a sudden move, Su Xi-er’s arm was stabbed by the sword. She narrowed her eyes slightly and revealed a vicious look before pulling out three silver needles, accurately throwing them into Wei Mohai’s death acupoints[2].


Ding ding ding! Wei Mohai’s eyes widened in shock as he fell to the ground. His last breaths left his mouth as his body hit the dirt. I didn’t think that she would put her life on the line as bait to set a trap for me. 


However, a bright glint showed in Wei Mohai’s eyes. I am about to die, and won’t be able to follow Prince Yun anymore. At the very least, I have completed the mission he gave me. To ensure Su Xi-er’s death, I have already covered my sword in poison stronger than that of the banded krait’s!


Wei Mohai raised his hand and pointed at Su Xi-er. “Whoever obstructs Prince Yun will die!”


Su Xi-er walked next to him and knelt down. “Wei Mohai, it’s time for you to join Lü Liu. She has been lonely down under, so I will send you off first. There will be others who will join you later.”


“Lü... Liu?” Wei Mohai’s eyes widened. Lü Liu was Ning Rulan’s personal maidservant. So Su Xi-er is...


“I am Ning Rulan, but not everyone can be reborn,” Su Xi-er said softly. Her every word was a stab to Wei Mohai’s heart.

1. If you refer to the image, it’s the uppermost acupoint.

2. Also known as ‘lethal points’ in acupuncture. 

There are a total of 108 crucial acupoints, 72 which are not fatal, and 36 which can be deadly, thus the name ‘death acupoint’.

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