The news of a dead body spread like wildfire, even alerting the Magistrate Office enough to have them immediately send some bailiff runners over. It was hard to believe that there was a murder case during the state banquet!


Once the County Magistrate saw the letter that was left in the scholar’s sleeve, however, his face darkened. This matter is definitely related to the death of the Wei Miss’, but this case has already been handed over to Commander Wei.


Wei Guang looked at the County Magistrate. “The death of this man has nothing to do with the Wei Residence. County Magistrate, please investigate.”


The County Magistrate looked serious. “The death is fishy, but it is related to the deaths of the Wei Miss’. They had some conflict with this scholar before they died. See for yourself; this letter will explain everything.”


When Wei Guang saw the contents of the letter, his face became pale. He closely examined the scholar’s face. It’s actually him… Did he kill my daughters because he didn’t get the money he asked for? If that’s the case, why did he suddenly die in front of the Wei Residence?


“We must report this to Prince Yun; it is possible that he killed the Wei Miss’.” The County Magistrate took the letter back and instructed the bailiff runners to carry the body of the scholar back to the Magistrate Office.


After that, he stowed away the latter. “Prepare a horse for this official.”


A bailiff runner immediately prepared a horse carriage for the County Magistrate, allowing the latter to board as he left for the imperial palace.


With the number of people talking about the case, it was only natural that the news would eventually reach the Cyan Wind Pavilion. Su Xi-er formally heard the news once the manager came in to present the dishes.


The manager sighed. “The Wei Miss’ didn’t behave and flirted with a scholar. In the end, they were killed because they refused to give him money.” 


Now that Feng Changqing has settled this matter, the rest will be up to Lianchen.


“Miss, you should eat these dishes. In a while…”


Before the manager could finish, Su Xi-er waved her hand. “I will be going out to take a look at the situation.” She got up and left the room without another word.


“Miss…” The manager tried to say something, but Su Xi-er was already gone.


Her plan was being implemented step-by-step, but Su Xi-er still felt that something was wrong. Perhaps there may be even more discrepancies tonight.


I have always been accurate in my predictions, and my instincts are screaming at me that I can’t stay in the Cyan Wind Pavilion any longer.


As she strolled around on the streets, she saw many civilians rushing in the other direction while murmuring, “The case of the Wei Miss’ seems to have been solved! A horse carriage from the imperial palace carrying both His Majesty and Prince Yun is going over to the Wei Residence!”


Su Xi-er gave a cold snort. Even if they suspect the scholar’s death, the letters are real, and the most recent one shows that he harboured the intention to kill.


The voices of the civilians interrupted her thoughts. “I heard that Prince Hao of Beimin also went there!”


“Why did the case of the Wei Miss’ implicate so many important figures? Let’s quickly go there and take a look.”


“Go go go!”


The previously silent street suddenly became even busier than it was during the day. Entire groups of people rushed to the Wei Residence, clogging up the street where it was located.


Su Xi-er didn’t plan to go to the Wei Residence. As long as Lianchen handles it well, Pei Qianhao will make sure that they decide that the killer was the scholar.


If that happens, Ning Anlian can’t escape from being sent to guard the Imperial Mausoleum for three years!


With Wei Mohai being kept busy with investigating this case and Yun Ruofeng’s influence weakened, we must take this chance to strike while the iron is hot.


Su Xi-er looked at the crescent moon up in the sky. Her eyes were bright, but her eyebrows furrowed as unease settled in her heart.


I must be prepared. Danger may soon arrive.

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