Feng Changqing immediately understood. It will only hurt us if someone catches me calling her Eldest Imperial Princess. People will only be able to think of her as an evil spirit that possessed another person’s body, and the perceived method to solve such problems would be to burn the body.


Feng Changqing opened his mouth slightly and finally said, “Su Xi-er.” However, he still felt that it was awkward.


“It will be fine once you get used to it. Let’s just leave it as that. Have you found out more about the Wei Miss’?”


Feng Changqing nodded. “I have found out everything. The two Wei Miss’ argued often, and something happened two months ago where they almost resorted to violence; it was only thanks to Landlord Wei that nothing major has happened. There was once a time where they both fancied the same handsome scholar from Moon County. It turned out that even though the scholar looked gentle and proper on the surface, he was a beast in human clothes, engaging in affairs with many women at the same time.”


Su Xi-er’s voice raised. “Handsome scholar, haha.”


“Despite his numerous affairs, he has a fiance to whom he is getting married to next month.”


Su Xi-er put the teacup down on the table. “What use is a man like that in this world? Copy his handwriting and leave a letter behind showing that he was asking the Wei Miss for money. We will plant the blame of the Wei Miss’ deaths on him.”


“That won’t be necessary, since the reason that the Wei Miss’ broke up with him was precisely because he asked them for money. The letter is here.” After that, Feng Changqing took out a few letters from his sleeve.


Su Xi-er took the letters and scanned them over. “Kill him, then take the letters to the entrance of the Wei Residence.”


This scholar really had it coming. In his letter, he threatened to kill the Wei Miss’ if they didn’t give him any money. The time that he sent the letter even matches up with that of the Wei Miss’ deaths.


Feng Changqing took the letters and put them back in his sleeves. “This subordinate will do it now.” He started getting ready to leave, only to turn back around before he left the room.


“Eldest Imperial Princess…” Before he could continue, Su Xi-er gave him a look that made his heart jerk. He awkwardly corrected himself. “Su Xi-er, part of Prince Yun’s power has been returned to His Majesty. You have planned it well.”


“This is all I can do for Lianchen with my current limited abilities. Everything else will be up to him.”


“This subordinate has already instructed your ex-subordinates to separate into four groups, and they have already made plans for starting businesses and farms. Many have decided to open restaurants and teahouses. The ones going to Beimin have decided to open a dance house since there are more dancers there. However, what should the ones who are farmers grow?”


“Plant flowers, vegetables, and rice.” Su Xi-er replied indifferently as her gaze drifted outside the window.


Feng Changqing nodded. “Su Xi-er, when will you go back to Beimin?”


“Tomorrow. Prince Hao gave me two days’ time, so I should go back tomorrow. Nanzhao’s state banquet has ended, and we will be able to resolve the case of the Wei Miss’.”


Feng Changqing nodded. “This subordinate will be coming to Beimin along with a number of your previous subordinates. We will meld into the population while keeping your identity a secret.”


“Good. Quickly go and finish the Wei Miss’ business.” Su Xi-er replied and waved her hand, signalling Feng Changqing to leave.


Feng Changqing nodded and left the room quickly. Before he left Cyan Wind Pavilion, he instructed the manager to properly look after the woman in the private room above.


The manager nodded before going to the kitchen to instruct the cook to make a few palatable dishes.


Su Xi-er spent the whole day in the Cyan Wind Pavilion, but her instincts were telling her that something big was going to happen soon. I am usually spot on when predicting danger.


Feng Changqing was efficient, finishing up his job of killing the handsome scholar before dragging his body to the front of the Wei Residence in the dead of night.


The silent night was destined to be chaotic. A passerby eventually discovered the body, letting out a loud scream of shock. Shortly after, a servant of the Wei Residence came out, similarly flabbergasted, and immediately proceeded to inform Wei Guang.

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