Yun Ruofeng raised his hand and caressed Ning Anlian’s face softly, his voice  “Don’t mention Ning Rulan in the future. She’s already dead.”


“Alright, I won’t mention her again. I will go forward with you from now on.” Ning Anlian smiled and turned to Yun Ruofeng, clasping her hand with his.


“Anlian, I will ask Qin Ling to send you back soon. You should stay in the repose palace for now; don’t act willfully.” Ning Anlian nodded. “I will return to the repose palace; however, I will not go to the Imperial Mausoleum. You must investigate and find the true killer to be Su Xi-er. In fact, it would be best if...” Ning Anlian’s eyelashes fluttered, and she guessed Yun Ruofeng’s thoughts. “You are thinking…”


Yun Ruofeng nodded. “You won’t need to go to the Imperial Mausoleum if she’s dead.”


“I will wait in the repose palace for your good news.” Ning Anlian stood on the tip of her toes after she finished speaking, kissing Yun Ruofeng on his lips. She then stepped back and immediately left the room.


Shortly after, Ning Anlian followed Qin Ling back to the repose palace.




Meanwhile, Su Xi-er had gone to the Fortune Apricot House after leaving the Water Caltrop River.


The new manager blocked her immediately. “Miss, we are still renovating, and aren’t prepared to receive customers yet. Please return when we finish renovating.”


“Are you still opening a restaurant here? What’s the new name?”


The manager laughed. “Cyan Wind Pavilion[1]. It will still be a restaurant with dishes from many different countries. Miss, you should return once our shop is open for customers.”


“I have told your new master that I will wait for him here.” Su Xi-er enunciated each word, dodging around the man to begin heading towards the second floor.


“Miss, I didn’t receive any instructions from my master, so you can’t go up.” The manager was right on Su Xi-er’s tail as he spoke.


“I can see that the renovations for the second floor have finished. Your master will be here soon; tell him that I am waiting for him.” Su Xi-er quickly walked up the stairs.


The manager looked at her. She seems to be familiar with the structure of Cyan Wind Pavilion. Not to mention, she doesn’t look like someone who would lie. Besides, the new master is very capable, and has no need to worry about someone trying to offend him.


After the manager thought about it, he instructed a waiter to bring a pot of tea so that the young lady could drink some tea while she waited.


Su Xi-er made sure to pick a room that had a window, allowing her to gaze outside as she sipped tea and waited for Feng Changqing.


The Wei Miss’ weren’t important figures in the grand scheme of things, so it should’ve been relatively simple for Feng Changqing to dig up some information with how much time he had.


After an hour, Feng Changqing walked into the Cyan Wind Pavilion in a blue robe. The manager immediately walked up and reported, “Master, there is a woman in a cyan dress waiting for you on the second floor. She is in the room on the far left; it seems like she has something important to tell you.”


Feng Changqing nodded and quickly walked up to the second floor. The manager sighed in relief. It seems like that woman really does know my master! Luckily, I didn’t shoo her out.


Feng Changqing nodded before ascending the stairs and entering the room on the far left. He closed the door before bowing to pay his respects. “This subordinate pays his respects to the Eldest Imperial Princess.”


Su Xi-er waved her hand. “You don’t need to call me Eldest Imperial Princess in the future. You can just call me Su Xi-er.”


“This… I can’t. This subordinate is used to calling you ‘Eldest Imperial Princess’.”


Su Xi-er laughed. “What would others think if they knew about my reincarnation? To put it frankly, they would think that someone’s soul returning in another’s body is strange.”

1. The first character of the name is the same as the last character of Feng Changqing’s name.

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