All the dignitaries from the foreign nations entered the Dragon Boat after the drumming was finished, looking forward to the feast that would be held at noon. However, no matter how well he could control his emotions, Yun Ruofeng couldn’t make himself want to attend it after what had just happened.


In the end, he excused himself by saying that he suddenly felt unwell, and left the main hall.


Ning Lianchen pretended to be kind and asked him to stay. “Prince Yun, you have always been strong after training in the army barracks for so long. Why are you feeling unwell now?”


“All the drinking over the past few days has injured my stomach. This Prince will rest for a bit so that I can properly host all of our guests tonight.”


Ning Lianchen smiled. “Prince Yun, you have been drinking more tea than wine for the past few days. Doing so can also be harmful to your stomach, so this Emperor will not ask you to stay longer. Nanzhao will be needing you in the future. Commander Wei, support Prince Yun and take him back to rest properly.”


Wei Mohai’s expression darkened. No matter how unwell Prince Yun feels, he doesn’t need me to support him. His Majesty seems like he is caring, but is actually mocking Prince Yun.


Yun Ruofeng’s expression didn’t change. He put his hands together and apologised to everyone before leaving the main hall.


Immediately after he left the room, however, his expression darkened, and a grim aura surrounded him.


Ning Anlian was sitting in the room and brushing her hair when Yun Ruofeng walked in. She set down the brush in her hand when she saw his face, looking at him with puzzlement in her eyes. “Feng, what's wrong?


Yun Ruofeng didn’t answer, only narrowing his eyes before slamming his hand onto the table as hard as he could.


The table shook violently under the abuse, causing Ning Anlian to look at Yun Ruofeng in concern; she had never seen him so angry before. “Feng, what’s wrong? You look upset. What happened?”


The Dragon Boat was built very well, so the doors and frames were sturdy and able to block out noise. Add onto the fact that Ning Anlian had been restless for several days already, and it wouldn’t surprise anyone that the drumming had already started by the time she had woken up. She was blissfully unaware of the scholars denouncing Yun Ruofeng.


Yun Ruofeng turned his chilly gaze on Ning Anlian, making her unable to stop herself from taking a few steps back in fear.


“Feng, don’t scare me. What did I do wrong? Don’t look at me like this.” Although she had wanted to destroy his gentle aura, she was still very afraid of him now.


Yun Ruofeng chuckled and walked closer to her step by step. “Didn’t you want to destroy this Prince’s original appearance? Make it so that I am no longer gentle and smiling? Well, this is what this Prince’s true appearance is like. Are you scared?”


Yun Ruofeng clasped his hand around Ning Anlian’s waist and forced her to the wall, his cold eyes scanning her continuously.


Ning Anlian’s heart was beating like a drum as she stuttered out, “Feng, you… what on earth happened? You… don’t scare me.”


“You are scared of this Prince… scared.” Yun Ruofeng let out a depreciating desolate chuckle before letting her go.


Ning Anlian has never seen me at my worst. Now that I have revealed it, she is scared of me.


Didn’t she say that she loves me? If that’s the case, why is she scared now?


No one loves me in this world. Only power can bring me everything! Suddenly, Yun Ruofeng remembered Ning Rulan, the woman who had made him who he was today.


If Ning Rulan was still alive, would she laugh coldly when she sees that I am forced to give up my power in front of the Literary Association and civilians?

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