Su Xi-er didn’t have the time to natter with them; instead choosing to go between them both and enter the room before closing the door, shutting out the clamour from outside. 


“Lian Qiao, you tried so hard to latch onto her thigh and seek connections with her, but she doesn’t take notice of you at all.” A trace of a smile appeared on the thin palace maid’s face before she moved her baggage to another empty room.


Lian Qiao looked at the closed door, lost in thought.


What should I do in order for Su Xi-er to accept me? Hong Li was originally attending to Old Maidservant Zhao and could also be considered a favourite. Now, she has already become Su Xi-er’s subordinate. 


I have played the fool in the Palace Side Quarters for so many years that I really can’t stand to stay here anymore. Perhaps, only by following Su Xi-er will I be able to walk out of this place.


In the room, Su Xi-er arranged the medicinal herbs neatly on a table. She then selected one before pulverising it and dripping the extract onto her left wrist.


The medicinal powder the Third Imperial Prince gave me is quite good. If I use the medicinal herb extract three times per day, I’ll definitely recover in five days.


After treating her injury, Su Xi-er laid on the bed to rest as her gaze landed on the three empty bed boards.


Since I’m staying alone, it’ll be much more convenient for me to carry out plans in the future.

Su Xi-er flipped over and exhaled a long breath before raising her hand and slapping the bed board fiercely, almost as if she was venting her anger.


Right at this moment, however, a man’s teasing, deep, and low voice sounded in the room.

“I didn’t expect that you have such a side. It made this prince very surprised.” 


Su Xi-er’s body stiffened. She rapidly climbed up from the bed and looked towards the source of the voice. Pei Qianhao is standing beside the cupboard!


How could that be? When did he enter the room? Why did he come two times in a day?


“This prince has been here a long time ago. It’s just that you were too concentrated on your own matters and didn’t notice.”


Su Xi-er’s heart skipped a beat. His suspicions towards me haven’t dissipated at all. Even if Old Maidservant Zhao admitted to the whipping causing my wrist injury, it still hadn’t dispelled his doubts. 


“Glowering at this prince? Didn’t you say that your heart harbours gratitude?” Pei Qianhao walked over step by step. Every step was steady and powerful. His dark eyes were like an eagle’s. 


A strong feeling of oppression assailed her. Su Xi-er pretended to be astonished. “Prince Hao, why have you...appeared in this servant’s room again?”


“Taking a look. I can’t do that?” His inherent domineering aura was chilly, causing people to shiver all over in fear.


How can I reply? He’s the Prince Regent and is the law itself in Beimin. Of course I can’t refute him.


There’s only one reason that he keeps closing in on me  He still suspects me.


Hence, Su Xi-er lowered her head and her voice was slightly quivering. “Prince Hao, this servant is only a palace maid who scrubs the chamber pots, so I will need to work at night. My body stinks so if you stay with this servant, Prince Hao…”


Before she could finish speaking, she was interrupted by someone. Prince Hao softly chuckled. “This prince doesn’t smell the odour of the chamber pots on you. On the contrary, I smell a...medicinal scent.”


He took out a white porcelain bottle from his sleeve and simply threw it onto her bed. “This is the type of medicinal powder the Third Imperial Prince applied for you. Take this and apply it.”


Why does he want to give medicinal powder to me? Just because the Third Imperial Prince applied the medicinal powder for me?


“It’s much more spacious now that you’re staying in this room alone.” Pei Qianhao surveyed the room before his gaze landed on Su Xi-er.


“Su Xi-er, do you know what this prince loves the most?” Pei Qianhao sounded her out again. I want her to admit that she was the woman in the woods beside the Palace Side Quarters.

I have no conclusive evidence, but my intuition has always been reliable, having never once made a mistake. I faintly feel that Su Xi-er is the audacious woman from that night!

Regardless of whether I am drunk, a woman that can escape from my grasp is not someone simple. Yet, not only did Su Xi-er escape, she even knocked me out.


“Please forgive me, Prince Hao. This servant doesn’t know.”


Pei Qianhao walked closer to her slowly, forcing Su Xi-er to retreat to the wall for the second time today. He’s clearly targeting me.


“Everyone in the imperial palace knows what this prince loves the most.”


His insufferably arrogant tone that considered himself above others, his undeniably proud attitude, they were characteristics Su Xi-er had once possessed as well. 


Right now, I no longer have the qualifications to have that sort of pride, while he has.

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