Su Xi-er raised her head to look at Old Maidservant Liu who had a benevolent smile on her face as she made the statement.

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“Prince Hao’s prestige is so high that this servant has never harboured such wishful thinking. It’s fine as long as I am able to lead a stable life in the Palace Side Quarters.” Su Xi-er lowered her head and was very respectful.


Old Maidservant Liu laughed and waved her hand. “Look how frightened you are from a simple inquiry. It’s best that you have such a mentality. Even a person sitting in a lofty position might not have a mentality like yours. Alright, go and rummage through the cupboard at the corner. See if there are any medicinal herbs.”


With Su Xi-er’s sprained wrist and welts on her arms, medicinal herbs were very essential for her.


Hence, she didn’t refuse, and turned around to walk towards the corner.


The closer she got to the cupboard, the stronger the smell of medicinal herbs was. Upon opening it, she discovered altogether two shelves filled with medicinal herbs.


Old Maidservant Liu clicked her tongue. “She had secretly stashed so many medicinal herbs. I wonder who she is acquainted with in the Imperial Physician Institute.”


The ‘she’ was naturally referring to Old Maidservant Zhao.


Su Xi-er’s gaze brushed past the medicinal herbs. All the medicinal herbs were categorised into two types. One type was for sprains and injuries sustained from falling down or being beaten. They dispelled blood stasis and relieved pain. The other type was for internal regulation and nourishment of the body.


“Take some back first. I heard that palace maid mention just now that you were still whipped when your period came. You probably have a lot of scars on your body, right?” As Old Maidservant Liu advised her, she got up and walked towards the inner chamber, looking like she wanted to rest.


“Many thanks, Old Maidservant.” After thanking her, Su Xi-er turned around and took the medicinal herbs out from the cupboard.


Old Maidservant Liu’s gaze landed on Su Xi-er’s hands. Afterwards, she smiled. “You should go back. Due to some problems with my legs, I can’t walk for prolonged periods. That being the case, I’d like to take a rest.”


“Old Maidservant, rest well. This servant will take my leave.” Su Xi-er bowed and deferentially exited the room.


Once the door was closed, Old Maidservant Liu’s benevolent appearance changed instantly to one of sharp judgement and a subtle glint glimmered in her eyes.


Based on Su Xi-er’s demeanour, she is indeed not acquainted with Prince Hao. 


However, if she doesn’t know him, why would Prince Hao pay so much attention to her? Who exactly was the woman who mounted a sneak attack on Prince Hao in the woods beside the Palace Side Quarters?


As Old Maidservant Liu sunk into contemplation, the words Eunuch Zhang from the Imperial Household Department mentioned last night suddenly appeared in her mind. Eunuch Zhang wouldn’t lie to me. As for Su Xi-er, I’ll still have to observe her further.




Su Xi-er took the medicinal herbs and walked towards her room. Just as she was about to reach the door of the room, she realised that the door was wide open. The three palace maids who lived with her had all moved out.


“Su Xi-er.” Lian Qiao waved her hand and shouted at her with a smile plastered on her face.


“Lian Qiao, she is currently Old Maidservant Liu’s favourite and you’re already so eager to forge connections with her to climb up?” A thin palace maid commented in disdain.


“I’m just greeting her. Why do you always think so ill of people?” Lian Qiao snorted and looked displeased.


Su Xi-er walked over to them before speaking to the thin palace maid who had berated Lian Qiao. “I can’t fathom Old Maidservant Liu’s thoughts. If you’re dissatisfied about me enjoying the whole room to myself, you should go and ask Old Maidservant Liu.” 


Lian Qiao pouted and retorted the thin palace maid, “That’s right. Go and ask Old Maidservant Liu. What use is there in rebuking me here?”


The thin palace maid had no words to counter. “You…” 

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