There were many civilians who became baffled once they heard Guan Xiang’s words. Some were even daring enough to ask the question, “If Grand Tutor Liu’s handwriting could be copied by an expert, is it possible that the evidence provided by Prince Yun was also fake?”


“That could be the case. Grand Tutor Liu is not someone who would betray Nanzhao.”


The roar of the crowd became louder and louder, and the scene became hard to manage.


A subtle glint flickered across Yun Ruofeng’s eyes, his eyebrows furrowing as his hands clenched into fists inside his sleeves. The person behind this crusade planned things well, and is indeed an expert. They even know me well enough to predict my every move.


At this moment, Ning Lianchen raised his hand at Eunuch Fu. “Take the handkerchief from Guan Xiang to this Emperor. I can tell if the handwriting is similar to Grand Tutor Liu’s.”


Eunuch Fu bowed to pay his respects before turning to look at Prince Yun. Although he served His Majesty, his loyalty laid with Prince Yun. With the situation so precarious, I should check with Prince Yun before acting.


Yun Ruofeng nodded and pretended to be relaxed. “Go ahead and retrieve the handkerchief.”


“This subordinate understands.” Eunuch Fu politely bowed before heading off, returning soon after with the handkerchief in his hands.


The white colour and embroidered pink flower on the handkerchief made it clear that it was a woman’s accessory. The ink on the handkerchief smelt fresh, indicating that the words on it couldn’t have been written more than four hours ago.


Ning Lianchen took the handkerchief and checked it carefully, even the end strokes of the writing. In the end, he smiled. “It really looks like Grand Tutor Liu’s handwriting. If Grand Tutor Liu was still alive, he would definitely have taken this person in as a student and taught them meticulously.”


Chu Linglong continued after him. “Based on the look of the handkerchief, it appears that this expert is a woman. This Crown Prince is impressed with how many talented people Nanzhao has.”


“Crown Prince Chu, you are praising us too much. Dongling also has a lot of talented people.” Ning Lianchen smiled before passing the handkerchief to Yun Ruofeng. “Prince Yun, you should have a look. You can keep it if you like. Since Grand Tutor Liu is no longer with us, it does have some collector’s value.”


His words seemed casual, but they were actually mocking Yun Ruofeng. Let’s see who doesn’t know that you were just slandering Grand Tutor Liu!


It wasn’t long before Guan Xiang loudly voiced out again. “Prince Yun killed Grand Tutor Liu, and is now trying to slander his good name. This has greatly disappointed us literati. Prince Yun, please give us an explanation and return power to his Majesty!”


His voice was resounding. The rest of the scholars followed suit, chorusing loudly, “Return power to His Majesty!”


The dignitaries from other countries all looked at Yun Ruofeng to check his expression. Pei Qianhao himself was calm as he looked on. There will definitely be much turmoil in the court of Nanzhao.


Yun Ruofeng knew that the situation was against him, but he couldn’t let his emotions show. Everyone is waiting for my answer. Whatever I will be saying next is not something that I want to, but I have no choice.


It was the first time he felt that a situation was hopelessly out of his control.


The corner of Yun Ruofeng’s mouth had a trace of a gentle smile. He raised his hand and patted Ning Lianchen’s shoulders. “This Prince didn’t properly investigate the blood-written letter, stopping me from thinking that the letter could have been forged by someone who wanted to frame Grand Tutor Liu. This Prince will properly investigate the matter and provide a full explanation to the scholars. In the meantime, Your Majesty is already 16, and it is time for you to deal with court memorials. This Prince admits that I was supervising you too much and I should reflect on that; however, I can’t give you control over the entire court since you aren’t an adult yet.”

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